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The Force is strong in can play Star Wars:Battlefront before anyone else with EA Access

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Christopher1617d ago

So I guess Sony is their enemy after all. At least there's honesty there, even though they'll play it off. Better than the old "Sony's not even our competition" times.

As to the video, not a horrible way to promote EA Access. Could have been much worse, like Sony's "how to let a friend borrow a game" video.

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showtimefolks1616d ago

OK so we core gamers know about this but what about the casuals like parents or grandparents who will buy something based off the advertisement

star wars can not be advertised by ms, Sony has an exclusive marketing rights so all advertisements will end with ps4 logo

there will also be a star wars bundle

so I don't think playing early really means much for casuals. to us core gamers who visit gaming sites daily yes it's an good. I kind of understand why Sony didn't want EA access but I kind of would have liked to Atleast get the opp6to decide if I want it or not

but I am not loosing any sleep over it

I still see star wars selling a lot more on ps4 along with helping ps4 win the month in sales. also can not forget call of duty exclusive marketing also with soNY

it's kind of funny how the roles have changed, all last gen we saw ms depend on 3rd parties and did quite well early on and now Sony is doing the same

batman exclusive marketing ps4 bundle
mgs 5 exclusive marketing ps4 bundle
star wars exclusive marketing ps4 bundle likely
call of duty exclusive marketing ps4 bundle likely

I could also see Sony getting exclusive marketing for fallout 4, since ms won't be getting it. Ms has their exclusive tomb raider releasing the same day so I can not see them advertising against theor own game. but this one hasn't been confirmed so just my guess. maybe fallout 4 will just say neutral and everyone gets the dlc expanions at the same time

carlosstyles1616d ago

Someone is salty lol, I think, ms had a deal with fallout 4 and the games is coming out with fallout 3 thanksto the backwards compatibility.

showtimefolks1616d ago


I said I guess because I didn't know. you guys can't even take someone's comment without calling them fanboys

just smh

iTechHeads1616d ago

If by nice you mean desperate and corny and lame then you're right.

christocolus1616d ago

Lmao. Enough with the whining. Plzzzz. You are so sensitive, and seem so naive and you keep treating trivial things so personal. Your description of the video fits your comment as well. It's all about fanboy wars with you. Right? Why don't you try freeing up your mind and getting out for a change. Truth is it doesn't really matter what you think about that vid,some of us actually find it funny so deal with it and move on cos this actually has nothing to do with you.

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Rookie_Monster1617d ago

Can't wait...November 19th baby!!!

The force is coming back.

Rookie_Monster1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

wait, just noticed the 19th is the AUS release date as it would be released in the US on the 17th. So 17- 5 day early for EA Access = 12.

"cant't wait...November 12th baby!!!" Fixed

remixx1161617d ago

Be sure to tell us PlayStation fans if its any good, I'll just be here waiting..........waiting.

d_g1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

The other guys lol

Star Wars:Battlefront looks really cool can't wait to beat darth vader !

SpaceRanger1617d ago

Battlefront is #1 on my list for games that I've been looking forward to all year. (MGSV falls in a very close second).

What I don't understand is why they keep saying that Xbox One players will be the first to play it? When clearly that's not true at all.

MCTJim1617d ago

If you have EA Access, I get to play it 5 days before release. So I'll be playing it first.

SpaceRanger1617d ago


You'll be playing it SECOND actually. PC gamers already played it. And whose to say that PS gamers won't get a beta before release? Marketing goes a long way.

And saying "oh it's not the same", explain how. An alpha or beta are the same as actually getting your hands on the game in any shape or form.

MCTJim1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Clearly, you know full well they are talking about consoles in this article..So yes, I will be playing it first before it releases to the general public.

Edit and if it has a beta to stress the servers and test, I will still be playing it first. I am not bound by single platform ownership.

RegorL1616d ago

Is it really good PR to admit you are the evil empire? :S

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