Just Cause 3 vs. Crackdown 3: Battle of the Destructible Environments

It seems as though Crackdown and Just Cause decided to return to consoles around the same time as the other, but both of them will be carrying different hardware into battle.

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masterfox1622d ago

Just cause 3 is real and it will be release, the other is Just pure pr bs sorry but is true , MS since release of the xbone they been talking about the cloud this and cloud that, so far there isn't any game that actually uses it and get impress by, what drivetars ? Oh god please no.

DragonbornZ1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"the other is Just pure pr bs sorry but is true"

Wow. That's some crazy denial.
I get it if you were skeptical, but to just flat out call it pure bs? Jeez. I'll pray for you.

SquidBuck1622d ago

God would laugh at you for praying for such a complete disgrace to the gaming community.

GameNameFame1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


"You have just cause to be upset by Crackdown's amazing destruction... not even the best PC you can build can match it."

No one need to be jealous. Anyone with dedicated server can do it.

Yup. That is entire WORLD that is being ran on server physics. Destruction last for YEARS. There will be million players destroying things simultaneously. You can bulldoze a freaking mountain..

Some fans will desperately try to deny it by saying things like "bu.bu.bu.but, debris disappear fast". Yea cause the map is a size of a world compared to tiny map you see in Crackdown also it has to last for years.

or they will say things like "bu.bu.bu.but, we only saw a house" Lol. What part of fully destructible world do you not get? You can literally dig tunnel.

At the end, it was already done and shown years ago.

SonofGod1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


And that's relevant how exactly? You're really embarrassing yourself. Oh I see you have provided a link again to the same old video you have been spamming over and over and over. Still unimpressive.

There's so much wrong with your comment I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, no one is claiming MS is the only one in the world who can do cloud compute. Cloud compute has been done for some time now (I've actually tried to use that as an argument against stupid Sony fanboys to prove that MS's talk about cloud compute was not just PR talk. But because of the fact that fanboys are really stupid, it didn't help much.)

Second, Everquest Next has been worked on for over 5 years now, while Crackdown 3 has been worked on for 1-2 years. Crackdown 3 is still in pre-alpha, which is in the earliest stages of development, in case you didn't know that. Also, we still don't know how big the Crackdown world will be yet, we only saw a prototype of it.

Lastly, the destruction in Everquest Next is totally different from what is being done in Crackdown. Crackdown destruction is 100% physical, Everquest is not. If you don't know what that means well then too bad for you.

And can I please get a link that says Everquest is using server-side destruction?

You can dig tunnels and blow up anything in Minecraft but that doesn't mean it uses server side destruction.

GameNameFame1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


It doesn't seem like you really understand how this works. Cloud and dedicated server does same thing. Everyone has dedicated server. It is PR talk that Cloud can do something new. It doesnt. It does what dedicated servers do.

Are you that desperate to blame development cycle on why Everquest has bigger destruction??

And does it really crush you that Everquest Next has 100% destruction?

-You can destroy only portion of a wall that you attack. And you can make your door and walk through. Sounds familiar?
-You can destroy a support in structure that collapse a building.
-You can dig a tunnel to go directly to a boss. Sounds familiar?

LOL. you can dig DIRT! Bulldoze a mountain! Lol. This game has true 100% destructible. Crackdown on the other hand cannot do those.

Yes. Those are 100% physics based. Otherwise it is not possible. X1 fans like you are so desperate to eat this up. Plenty of games do server side physics of varying degree.

1622d ago
DragonbornZ1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@SquidBuck Lol

1. Crackdown takes place in a city, so yeah you can't destroy mountains.

2. Being able to dig is obviously a design choice fitting for an mmo. Come on now.

3. Can we please get a link? I asked for it as well yesterday. And you expect us to take your word for it when (if we explained the same to you about Crackdowns physics) you wouldn't have without a link? Really?

Bonus Numbah 4. The fact that you can say "It is PR talk that Cloud can do something new. It doesn't." while boasting about Everquest Next and downplaying Crackdown 3 is all kinds of messed up.

Edit: Wellp nvm about dat link. It seems you've lost your bubbles. Please provide one for us the next time you inevitably downplay Crackdown with Everquest in the next article.

christian hour1622d ago


2013 called, it want's its opinion back.

The problem people has with MS's "power of the cloud" spiehl was that it was initially all talk with nothing to show, and because they acted like the cloud was exclusive to their platform (my phone can take advantage of cloud computing, so can ps4, so can an array of devices!).

To dismiss what they are doing with it for crackdowns multiplayer is just ridiculous (and im someone who boycotted the xb1 because of ms's smug attitude out the gate, and I own a ps4, i'm just not an idiot)

Now, to get around to what I came in here to say,

Comparing a multiplat to and exclusive is just silly, apples and oranges. Like really, which will perform better in terms of destruction and fidelity etc? Naturally it's going to be the game that only has to worry about running on one set of specs, hint hint that would be crackdown.

Same way tomb raider will never match uncharted and why its silly to compare the two (naughty dogs talent aside), tomb raider will be comin to pcs and possibly maybe ps4 at some point down the line, its still on the same multiplat engine they used for the last game and a lot of their team will be focusing on optimising the game to run well across the board. Whereas uncharted can focus on designing itself around the ps4s tech and nothing else and will take full advantage of every last drop it has to offer.

It really irks me when people come in here and throw their opinions around when they have no idea about how these things work, it irks me even more when its a journalist who does it. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of these game journos only work for gaming websites because they couldnt pursue their dream job to be some fox news wAnchor

christian hour1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


I think it's only fair I say: the 90's called, it wants it's "____ called" jokes back.

christian hour1622d ago


You seem to be having trouble understanding the difference between destruction in crackdown and destruction in everNext.

Crackdowns destruction is 100% physics based (not sure what method their using to dismantle their assets, voxels maybe?) whereas the destruction of buildings in everquest next is state based. As in, the model of a house will have several "states" that it will switch to depending on where it's hit from, these are pre-baked states, similar to how destruction is done in the battlefield series. Now thats not to say what they're doing in everquest next isn't impressive, to include even state based lasting destruction in an MMO of this magnitude is VERY impressive. But the technique and approach is entirely different from crackdowns.

Both games are doing great things, theres room for both, it's not a competition, nothing in life is, yet everyone seems hell bent on being the "winner" of something.

UnHoly_One1621d ago

GameNameFame, that N64-quality destruction you keep advertising doesn't quite match up to Crackdown.

I'm just putting that out there.

BallsEye1621d ago

How can anyone even compare those 2 titles when it comes to destruction? Crackdown = real simulation, thousands of parts colliding with each other. Crackdown = pre-made destructions in selected areas, something that battlefield has.

Most of people around here have no idea what it's all about.

Spenok1620d ago

Lol yeah the denial is strong with him. I am definitely a Playstation fan most of all, but you can't deny what they've shown. Maybe it will be toned down before it releases. However it may end up being better by then, who knows. The idea, and framework is there. Honestly the game went dark for a decent amount of time, and it seems we now know why.

This game is the reason I want to buy an Xbone at the moment. As well as a few others, but currently this is the killer app on Xbone for me.

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TheCommentator1622d ago

You have just cause to be upset by Crackdown's amazing destruction... not even the best PC you can build can match it. Oh well, with your denial at least you've got One step down, only 11 more to go and you'll be just fine!

mhunterjr1622d ago

So you're saying Crackdown doesn't actually exist and won't be released?

The denial is strong with this one!

gameslayer24111622d ago

Care to clarify that statement? Crackdown 3 is very real, I mean....we saw it in action, there are trailers, and gifs of the game, so.......not quite sure what you were going for besides trolling.

StrayaKNT1622d ago

Denial is so real lol it's ok dude take a few deep breaths

NinjaNick1622d ago

Only on N4G can a sony troll have the first comment on an article concerning Xbox games, leave an inflammatory response, get 45 disagrees, and NOT be marked for trolling.


dcbronco1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I marked your comment as intelligent.

On topic, this isn't even a fair comparison.

Actually, I take that back. We will be able to compare the single player part of Crackdown. Comparing Crackdown's online part is a joke. It will be interesting to see what Reagent can do given what they have learned about Xbox One's architecture.

dreadz741622d ago

Hahahahahahaha what a good laugh u provided me . You seriously are the poster boy of what a Fanboy says when salty...

Jalva1621d ago

"since release of the xbone they been talking about the cloud this and cloud that"

And now the cloud is actually doing amazing things for gaming, we're still waiting for Sony's "greatness"...

B1uBurneR1621d ago

You don't have to wait you've played Titanfall. You see all the action going on in the background. NPC vs NPC. Starwars like battles going on in the skies. Dragons swooping down snatching NPC ups. NPC shooting back at them ... the game is only 6v6 but the maps are packed and busy with so much activities going on in the back ground, it creates a sense danger around every corner. That's the cloud buddy. Making the game better.

TheXgamerLive1621d ago

@MasterFox, Ummm so you don't have a computer that plays video???

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Derekvinyard131622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Just cause has always has a different type of destruction, it's fun but you can't blow up buildings and stuff like the old mercenaries games. One game you can maybe compare to is red faction gorilla or Armageddon. That's the closest I've seen that kinda like crackdown 3.

Ravenor1622d ago

Red Faction Gorilla, heh.

mkis0071622d ago

I just imagined the game with Gorillas instead of humans. Thanks for the laugh.

KionicWarlord2221622d ago

Just cause 3 will be a good game but there is no comparison.

Crackdown 3 will be the benchmark for this generation tech prowess.

When you can watch a skyscraper fall and see it realistically lean and swing and crash into other buildings and then those buildings react with destruction realistically its pretty much a open shut case.

A whole city built with 100 percent destruction.

DeadlyOreo1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Yeah, you can say all that right, but that doesn't change the fact that the majority of people, myself included, would choose a Just Cause game over a Crackdown game any day of the week.

1622d ago
beans1622d ago

Omg lol....ok go enjoy just cause 3!

DeadlyOreo1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Are you high? Crackdown is average at best. Yes I have played both, and I very much preferred Just Cause 2. Is that allowed or do I need some sort of written permission to say these things here?

Edit: at the guy above's sarcastic comment. Fanboy's out in full force it seems. Are you offended that someone has a different opinion to yours? Come on man.

kstuffs1622d ago

That's probably because you don't have an XB1 to begin with.

Professor_K1622d ago

Majority of people, likemyself wont care

dreadz741621d ago

well your disagrees say ur in the minority just saying lol

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jb2271622d ago

I don't think we should hang such lofty statements on Crackdown at this point....from what I read the section shown at Gamescom was powered by 11 dedicated servers and I'd assume a hard wired lightning fast connection so obviously that was under absolutely premium conditions. Experiences will vary from person to person, with a decent chunk of people unable to even meet minimum requirements. We also don't know about things like player count or map size. Have they confirmed whether or not the full open world will be present in the mp or if it will be broken up into sections? I know the dev specifically said the demo was from a smaller section of the world as it existed in an area around the size of a square city block & never ventured past it.

Hopefully Crackdown releases and makes good on every single promise, but we can't take for granted that this tech will even work, much less that it'll be the single greatest achievement of this gen. Just Cause 3 seems to be on track to live up to its promises because it is working off of dedicated hardware and not a fluctuating nebulous target. One things for certain barring any ball dropping in Avalanche's court, JC3 will have a much smoother launch than Crackdown could hope for. There are bound to be issues, best case scenario is that those instances are small, worst case scenario (although still entirely plausible) is that the mp is as broken as Halo MCC's was.

BallsEye1621d ago

Real full simulation with thousands of object reacting to each other vs pre-made destructable parts.
No competition here.

TheGreatGamer1622d ago

A 'battle' as you put it suggests both have a chance of winning... This is not the case. Crackdown 3's destruction is literally unprecedented in any game... ever.. so yeah

Father__Merrin1622d ago

I predict just cause 3 to trance crackdown 3

DeadlyOreo1622d ago

Yep, no competition here whatsoever.

uRaDecepticon1622d ago

I think the person meant trounce.

Kingdomcome2471622d ago

I know lol. I was just giving them a hard time.

RiseofScorpio1622d ago

Who cares? I know I'll be playing Just Cause 2,Just Cause 3 and Crackdown 3 all on one console.

kstuffs1622d ago

JC3 is multiplat, so I would be more surprised if it doesn't.

Professor_K1621d ago

nope, sales-wise? no doubt

but just by what weve seen CD Trounces the competition

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