Xur Selling the Gjallarhorn in Destiny Levels the Playing Field

Destiny has Xur selling the highly elusive Gjallarhorn today, and that may be one of the best things the game has done in a while.

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Neonridr1624d ago

Groups haven't had Ghorn as a requirement in forever.. Neither of the two raids require it. Sure it's great to have, but hardly essential.

The only time it is extremely beneficial is when doing an activity with Solar Burn.

But many people have gotten by without it for the longest while. I haven't come across any groups in forever that were expecting you to have a ghorn prior to joining. Not since the early days of Crota.

Transporter471623d ago

I don't think it does because they're just going to nerf it. I think it is just a big F U to the players. Here have an awesome weapon that you can enjoy for a short while.

objdadon1623d ago

They're just giving people a chance to play with it before it gets nerfed.

joab7771623d ago

I got 4 of them before the 1st dlc dropped, and they just sit there. Havnt played in awhile.

DarkZane1623d ago

He sold it before, I don't see what the big deal is.

DaleyX1623d ago

He sold it week 2, you can see Xur's sales history over at destinyxur. Back then we didn't have the strange coins or any idea how good the weapon was. Most never entertained the thought of using an exotic special.

objdadon1623d ago

Well I'll take a stab at it and say it's a big deal because he hasn't sold it since week 2 of the games release.

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