Kill la Kill And The Battle Against Anime Videogame Mediocrity

Nik Gaydon from We Know Gamers looks into the options of making a good Kill la Kill game and why most anime games don't live up to the source material.

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TFJWM1619d ago

It is not like it is confined to anime, very few games based on movies or books are good either sadly...

d3nworth11619d ago

Let platinum games make it.

Kyosuke_Sanada1619d ago

Another set of great anime based games are Robotech: Battle Cry, Macross VFX and Ghost In the Shell (Playstation One version).

TFJWM1619d ago

Ya some of the Gundam games are great as well. I think the whole mech anime genre is easier to translate over to games

Nicaragua1619d ago

All the Macross games on PSP and PS3 are really good

PlayableGamez1619d ago

I would love a Kill La Kill video game.. It's the perfect anime to have a video game spin off. I am hoping there will be a Kill La Kil fighting game similar to Guilty Gear XRD.. That would be awesome...