'No Man's Sky' Might Get A Physical Release On PS4 For An Unexpected Price [RUMOR]

"No Man's Sky" might be getting a physical release on PS4 for a very weird price according to a current retail listing. This discovery goes against statements from its developers at Hello Games that only confirm a digital release on the PlayStation Network.

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SaveFerris1625d ago

If there is to be a physical release, I'd go for that. Is it really going to be a full priced game?

Yi-Long1625d ago

I'll go for the digital release cause I expect I'll often want to just start it up and play it for half an hour, so I wouldn't want to keep switching discs everytime I want to play it... But I can see myself picking up a discounted retail copy, just as a collector's item.

assdan1624d ago

Depends on how big the download is for me. Could be huge.

TWB1624d ago

Doubt that its going to be that big. The universe is seed based, meaning that the machine creates the universe as you go through the space from a seed.

Only the assets are going to take space and depending on how many different variations and options they have included for the game to base its planets and eviroments to.

Yetter1624d ago

@assdan Its actually super tiny. Its your save data that is gonna be huge

CuddlyREDRUM1623d ago

When you buy digital, you own nothing.

tinynuggins1623d ago


Well,you own the game. If you go by that way of thinking you should never go to the movies because you don't own the movie. I never understood people who think that purchasing a game digitally means you don't own it. I buy a game digitally, I play it for as long as I want and then I play something else. Just because I can't re-sell it means I didn't own it?

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littlezizu1625d ago

I'm happy to pay full price as this game for the amount of content it provides and also it help the studio as physical sales are usually more than digital so more money meaning allowing them to take more risk on future games.

Erik73571624d ago

Well developer has so much hype for their game I think they think they can take advantage of it and sell it at $60. And I bet there will be tons of people that will buy it at that.

I'll just wait for it to be $25 or $30.

johndoe112111624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I'm sorry, when has it ever been stated that this game would not be $60? Your comment indicates that the only reason they are selling it physically is so they can charge full price. Where did you get your info that this game would not be full price digitally?

Erik73571624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

60 dollars is a rip off

Erik73571624d ago


I said IT WOULD be priced $60 dollars...and I did not say that price would be directly linked to the physical copy either.

I will bet you money it will drop from $60 to $25/30 only a few months after launch.

PC_601624d ago

ill get it for a lot cheaper on PC either with steam or G2A

Perjoss1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Might get it on both PC and PS4 because I really like the look of this game and I really like Hello Games, plus sometimes I prefer to play at my PC but I often get the urge to play on my couch in front of my big screen.

IamTylerDurden11624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well i'll get it physical on PS4 with exclusive goodies, like Arkham Knight.

I don't have a super computer, like most ppl, so PS4 is the best way to go for me. Perhaps Arkham Knight showed us that a game being specialized primarily for PS4 might be best played on PS4? Who knows, food 4 thought.

Can't wait to play this with a DS4 on my PS4, not sure it'll run well on my cheap old computer.

This isn't a price verification, it's speculation.

NatFanBoyRestricted1623d ago

People on here disagreeing so much with anything that's not ps4 just look stupid now. PC60 comments about pc price,and gets all the disagrees, Perjoss comments about ps4 and pc and he's safe. Best community right here. Platform war aside, hope this games flawless on release and after, should influence future games for all.

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assdan1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

If it's a full price game, I might be waiting on reviews before I buy it. I think there's likely $60 worth of content in there, but I just can't be sure. And the other issue is that this game could easily dive into the realm of repetitiveness. I mean, it was made by 11 people, I was expecting a $40 price tag on this.

tinynuggins1623d ago

There is no way this game is more than $19.99 at the very most. No way. Game looks amazing by the way.

assdan1623d ago

I think 20 is a bit low, but I don't really wanna say this game is worth 60.

_-EDMIX-_1624d ago

Agreed. I would very much pay full price for No Man Sky. I think too many times gamers agree too quickly with a $60 price tag based on publisher, ie EA, Ubisoft etc.

Though this is a small team....if you put Sony, EA, MS, Ubisoft etc published behind it along with lots of marketing...I would easily see it being listed as $60 easy.

Its a next gen concept that is as next gen as it gets (though we are in the deserves the title of next lol)

I'll buy it even if its full price as its concept is 100% worth that price.

tinynuggins1623d ago

Can you imagine a game like Minecraft or Terraria going for $60.00 retail? Both of those games have incredible amounts of content. But would you pay $60.00 for them, SHOULD you be asked to? This game falls in line with those types of game. Just because it looks pretty, doesn't mean they should charge an extra 40 dollars for it. Being ok with that is sending the wrong message to independent developers.

_-EDMIX-_1623d ago

@Tiny- neither of those concepts are even close to what No Man Sky is though...not even slightly.

Fil1011624d ago

To be fair I wasn't to sure bout this at first but having seen multiple vids on ign id b happy to pay full price for it, the sheer scope of this game is unlike I've seen in any video game especially from a small developer as hello. My personal opinion is that even if it is a full priced game it deserves it.

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uth111625d ago

I heard it was only going to cost 5 cents per planet...

Rimeskeem1624d ago

well there go my life savings for the next 2 trillion lives.

capjacksparrow1624d ago

First planet is free, every one after that costs money to access... That would be an interesting way to sell the game -_-

I would definitely pay $60 for a full retail release, these guys are doing some great work.

Palitera1624d ago

You mean another "freemium" trash.

No, just no.

THC CELL1624d ago

Pay a toll to enter planet lol not a chance that will happen I would love to be able to sell stuff for real money tho

Whymii1624d ago

That's the mobile version

Agent_00_Revan1624d ago

Or the Capcom published version.

LamerTamer1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

EA buys them out, puts the game on mobile, adds tons of in app purchases, then abandons it and doesn't update for newer Android/Ios versions rendering your purchase useless.

Tedakin1624d ago

I'm really torn on physical vs digital. I like owning the disc and case, but it's also nice to not have to change the discs! #firstworldproblem

superchiller1624d ago

Simple answer to that dilemma: get both physical and digital versions. I often do that for games I really like.

Sora_19941624d ago

I dont see why it cant be full priced(if it really is) semms to have a ton of play value to it

LamerTamer1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Now just add the option to play single player, offline, and I will bite on the disc version...

They say MP encounters will be rare anyway there is no reason for not having an offline option.

SolidGear31624d ago

Has more to do with the planets being procedurally generated I believe

Skate-AK1624d ago

Sign out of PSN then. I never read that it needed an online connection to play.

MasterCornholio1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

It could be using the servers to generate the planet and keep track of all the discoveries. Its gotta be relying on the cloud on some form if an offline option isn't available.

But Skate is right. Its never been confirmed to be an online only title.

_-EDMIX-_1624d ago

The game was never online only...

@MasterCornholio- Now..funny thing is, how many would be saying that this can't be done on a system due to "cloud" if someone really stated this was only online and only could be done with cloud? some really see why I don't actually buy certain concepts purely based on a company saying so?

How many believed this could only be done online? Now...its been stated it can be played offline, sooooo based on zero games doing this currently, could someone have stated its because of PS4's cloudz? lol

Its a bit off topic, but thought I would address that as many seem to buy something being "impossible" simply do to a salesmen saying so.

MasterCornholio1624d ago

It is using the cloud to some extent but not in a way that would stop someone from playing this offline.

The cloud is just used to keep track of the discoveries nothing more.

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