DIY Gaming PC Build for $1000 Using Intel i5-6600K Skylake CPU

GamersNexus: "Skylake shipped alongside the Z170 chipset. Z170 and Skylake aren’t too unfamiliar when it comes to architecture, but there are a few major improvements that we’ll discuss more below. This ~$1000 gaming PC build is focused on gaming performance and aims to play modern games at High to Ultra settings."

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ABizzel11617d ago

It's not a bad build at all, but there are other options that you can pick to get more performance for that price.

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nowitzki20041616d ago

Why does no one ever include Mouse and keyboard and OS? I mean how will you use the PC without these things? It will go up to $1300 or more with those. Gaming on a standard keyboard and mouse is not easy and you cant do it for a long time, believe me I tried. Once I got my gaming keyboard and mouse it was like a whole other ball game. And Windows is much more user friendly than the free options.

Built my first rig this year and after everything I spent about $1200 and as a gamer its the best investment I have made gaming wise in my life.

Irishguy951616d ago

I don't know 1 person who pays for OS's

nowitzki20041616d ago

What do they do? Pirate them? I built my rig from scratch and paid for my OS.. I know, I am UNBELIVABLE.

2pacalypsenow1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

yep :-/

Pandamobile1616d ago

Most people carry over their peripherals/OS from a previous builds.

nowitzki20041615d ago

Yeah I will when I build my next rig, but how about people building their first rig? they don't have that option. I carried over a standard $10 keyboard and $10 mouse and gaming with those was not fun at all, and after an hour or so of gaming with k/m that are not made for gaming it starts to get painful. I got a Logitech g510s and Mammoth redragon mouse for about $100 total and it was worth it.

Tzuno1616d ago

You can easily go with a haswell i5 and ddr3, for the love of god 300$ only for a gpu now that's stupid, gtx 960 is more than enough even a gtx 750ti, and why a 70$ case? Fat overpriced.

nowitzki20041616d ago

Depends on what people want. I got a 970 and actually will be selling it to upgrade soon.

Tzuno1616d ago

Do you realize that you pay more just to be able to Max the anti-aliasing option?

jmc88881616d ago

Not true at all Tzuno.

Love my 970, but there's lots of things it can't handle at 1440p/1800p/4k.. or inbetween.

Plus many games can't hit 120 FPS on a 970 even at 1080p.

The 970 is a great card, but I could easily use 4x its power and not even be using AA, because it's likely turned off or on one of the lowest options of it.

nowitzki20041616d ago


Love my 970 but there's things it cant do at 1080p either.

WheatBread1616d ago

A high end videocard is a must for those wanting to play new games at very high/max settings. I have the exact same case in white and it's the best case I've had so far. All of the components are easy to access, the psu is hidden, and it gets lots of air flow.

jmc88881616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

You don't need a SSD, get a 2-3 TB drive for $89-119. (sometimes cheaper)

Isn't DDR4 quad channel? X79 on DDR3 was. Need 4 sticks.

But honestly, I'd wait. The better stuff is coming next year. (and yes I know the bs argument...always something better.)

The difference is... this time it's worth the way. Big jumps coming on the GPU side next year. I also would want for Intel refresh.

Also, aren't ATI HDMI cards NOT HDMI 2.0? If not, that's not exactly future proof. It would mean you need to use display port for 4k/60, basically ruling out any 4ktv's.

After all you can now see sales on 4k/60 42" screens for $399.

WheatBread1616d ago

HDDs are fine for storing your music, movies, etc, but it's best to use an SSD for your os.

KTF261615d ago

"Isn't DDR4 quad channel? X79 on DDR3 was. Need 4 sticks."

it depends on the CPU and the Motherboard not the RAM
and also x79 will run on single or dual channel (depends on how you do it) if you insert the RAM sticks on one side in the motherboard

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