WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers We'd like to see, Springboard Stunner, Pop-Up Powerbomb & More

With every new WWE Game comes a brand new set moves and for WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers such as the Springboard Stunner and Kevin Owen's Pop-Up Powerbomb are among the highest on our list to make it in the game. Today we bring you the return of the WWE 2K16 Wishlist series videos. We start it off with the WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers we'd like to see added to the game.

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TheJacksonRGN1622d ago

Kevin Owens is in the game so of course his finisher will be there.

Deagle1622d ago

I'm just hoping they get the animation right and give him a proper pop up powerbomb and not a regular one. But his finisher's not the only thing I want to see from Owens as I'd love to see his Package Powerbomb that he used at EC against Cena. Hopefully they have that it.

richmoral1622d ago

When he did that Package Powerbomb. I was hoping he was gonna do the Package Piledriver. But figured he wouldn't since Piledrivers have been banned in WWE for a while. But was still hoping.