Versus – PSP vs Vita

In this episode of Versus, PlayStation LifeStyle match up Sony’s portables against one another and pull no punches. Yes, the PlayStation Portable goes up against the PlayStation Vita and we declare a winner.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1628d ago

I had more games on PSP and never really lacked memory card space.

Wedge191627d ago

There are major pros and cons to both. Tough to see. Support wise? PSP, no doubt. But in terms of overall console? The Vita is an amazing handheld device.

Scatpants1627d ago

I really like my vita, but I'm starting to get pretty hyped about that Steam portable coming out next year.

dragonyght1627d ago

my only beef with the vita no rss feed and the player suck. the psp had far better superior player. i know its not game related i love having my psp as my main podcast player

Elronza1627d ago

PSP was far better than the Vita game wise!

RJ920091627d ago

I love my vita and I love my psp it's hard to pick one.

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The story is too old to be commented.