Final Fantasy 15 Director Q&A: The Race to the Finish Line


"Hajime Tabata has a lot on his shoulders at the moment. He's responsible for Final Fantasy XV, one of the most highly-anticipated console games around. It's a game that people have been waiting for since 2006, and at this point, there seems to be just as many skeptics as there are optimists, and they all have their eyes on Tabata."

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Chaosdreams1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

For whatever reason, this segment made me smile.

Question: "But Destiny's budget is projected over a ten-year timeline."

Answer: "I suppose if you consider it from when we started Versus XIII, we've been at it for ten years as well. The budgets for all of our projects are controlled quite strictly, but on a company level, so it's not been allowed to go that far out."

Good read! Good Questions. Great Answers.

I hope this game becomes something I adore.

scark921627d ago

I think this game will have a beautiful story, the plot interests me a whole lot!

Sly-Lupin1627d ago

The guy sounds genuine, sure, but it's hard to have much faith that Versus XIII will turn out very well because I've played the demo, and I remember how much worse of XII was for releasing early. Not to mention what the platform-changes did to XIII.