Kim Wu confirmed for Killer Instinct season 3

Confirmed with Rash as only the second character for Season 3

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OOMagnum1629d ago

Whats her fighting style?

Tedakin1629d ago

All we know is she uses numchucks. Did I spell that right?

WeAreLegion1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Yeah. You're good.

SuperbVillain1629d ago

i always thought it was nuns....chuckin nuns

Rookie_Monster1629d ago

OMG!! Hyped to a million. Now all we need is Tusk, and a slew of new fighters and maybe another Guest character and we are set.

Blacklash931628d ago

A few months ago, they also said Tusk was a sure thing (along with Kim Wu) if Season 3 happened.

Tedakin1629d ago

Rash is in there too. Several guest characters I think. TUSK HAS to be in there too. I'd hope for Eyedol as well. I wasn't sure I'd like Rash from Btoads, but he fits in really nice and is super fun, even in beta.

christocolus1629d ago

I would love to see Kaim from lost odyssey as a guest character.

mikeboccher1629d ago

now that is a great idea!

Tankbusta401629d ago

Please confirm TUSK so I can get excited about KI again!

Fireseed1629d ago

He already has been confirmed

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