Is the Xbox-branded Seagate 2TB external hard drive worth buying for Xbox One?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not the Xbox-branded Seagate 2TB external hard drive is worth purchasing for use with the Xbox One.

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Da Ill One1621d ago

Nope, not when you can get a Western Digital 2tb for $89.

oSHINSAo1621d ago

you can get one for $79 at Amazon/Newegg

richmoral1621d ago

Nope is right. When you can get 2TB drives from multiple brands for cheaper. Be it Seagate, Western Digital, or what have with my Toshiba. I had a Western Digital MyBook 1 TB back when those shortly first came out. Only for it to crap out just a month out of Warranty. Have had a 500GB Toshiba that my sister got me for Christmas 2 years ago and it still works. So I went with a 2 TB Toshiba. All for data back up not for Xbox or gaming though.

tigertron1621d ago

I got a Seagate 2TB HDD, exactly the same only without the Xbox branding for £70 so I'd go for that instead.

MCTJim1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

or when this story was already posted last week?

I got my 3GB external for $105 on sale at Gamestop...any officially licensed product has always been historically more expensive.

bestofthebest1621d ago

I got a wd 4tb for around 130 so I dont think this is worth it. They should have priced it at 79.99

Rookie_Monster1621d ago

There are other cheaper options out there so of course not.

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The story is too old to be commented.