Hitman's NPC AI could mean a return to form for Agent 47


"There was a moment, right at the start of Hitman's Gamescom presentation, where Agent 47 walks in front of a news broadcaster's camera. She cuts the take, and mutters something under her breath about the interruption. It's a seemingly small, insignificant moment, but one that's on my mind as I interview Io Interactive's studio head, Hannes Seifert. I ask him about the new game's AI, and his response gives me hope that the new Hitman could be the best one yet."

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N0TaB0T1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

The NPC's in Hitman were extremely entertaining to mess with. In 'Contracts' there was a way you could get the hotel security (Traditions of the Trade) run endless laps in and out of the building. Fun times. I wish Absolution's NPC's weren't so inflexible.

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