Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Godzilla and J-Stars Victory Vs+ discounted

The prices have been dropped for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + (now $17.51), Dragon Ball Xenoverse ($39.99 on PS4 and Xbox One), Godzilla ($52.69 on PS4) and J-Stars Victory Vs+ ($49.99 on PS4).

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InTheZoneAC2665d ago

Godzilla could be free on PS+ and I still wouldn't download it.

Such a shame that there's still flat out terrible games being published/developed.

eddieistheillest2665d ago

I hear ya , but I'd still download it. A "terrible" game now, might be a hidden gem in the next generation of console gaming, you never know .

InTheZoneAC2665d ago

why are you talking about games 5 years from now?

eddieistheillest2665d ago

Oh I'm sorry . I didn't know people weren't a loud to talk about it ! Why are you talking about a game you have never played ? You'd rather be a sheep and told what to do than to find out yourself .