Xbox One + HDTV Deal Leads to Return Fraud For Gamers Who Wanted a PS4 Instead

GameRevolution: "Arguably the biggest gaming deal this Summer was Best Buy's Xbox One and Samsung 40" HDTV for $499. Given the Xbox One's value of $350, and the HDTV's MSRP of $430, it was a Black Friday magnitude deal that thousands would impulsively take advantage of.

The deal was so good, in-fact, that even customers with no interest in an Xbox One have taken advantage of the deal.

Since the deal went live a week ago it has sold out across the country. Some of the customers had no interest in keeping both items, though."

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Foehammer1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Speaks volumes that this deal sold out in minutes yet the article says that just "several customers" tried this.

Others may have tried Amazon, as it was a really good deal, but it sounds like the vast majority got a good deal they/re happy with.

3-4-51617d ago

Can't stand all this purposeful misreporting.

ThunderPulse1617d ago

Calm down Kirito your life isn't on the line anymore.

UltimateMaster1617d ago

You buy the bundle, you sell the TV 450$, you sell the Xbox One 350$.
Then you buy a PS4 with the cash you just made.

XBLSkull1616d ago

Kind of along the same lines, I just had a friend on facebook post an hour ago Kmart is selling PS4's for $200, and some walmarts/best buys are price matching. Just what he said I don't know any other details.

indyman77771616d ago

FOEHAMMER no where did it say: JUST before "several customers". Several means a lot but your changing it to JUST several which suggest not that many. FAIL!

Adrian_v011616d ago


determiner & pronoun

more than two but not many.

indyman77771616d ago

Adrian_v01 Thanks, but I'm sure that everyone reading my post can tell the several means more than two. And most people can comprehend that he is suggesting not that many by using the word 'JUST'. At least I hope there is no one that does not know comprehend that.

Adrian_v011616d ago

Just pointing out that his post wasn't a FAIL in that sense. You said several means a lot when in fact it doesn't, he said several means just a few which in fact it does.

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showtimefolks1617d ago

sadly stuff like this happen all the time. there are those among us who will always look to take it one step further. they are the ones who buy great deals to sell later at profits

to them it's the bottom line that matters.

I am not calling them wrong but it just doesn't feel right for someone who may actually want it to keep it for himself

reallyNow1616d ago

This is why housing sucks. Bunch of a-hole "flippers" and "investors" selling and buying houses to each other, artificially driving up home prices to an unsustainable price, and then boom, bubble pops and we do it again.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1617d ago ShowReplies(4)
extermin8or1617d ago

Actually the fact it was bought by people quickly and on impulse makes it more significant that several tried this because it wasn't exactly like they planned it out or thought it through. It shows a snapshot of how quite a few people must be after a ps4 if they upgrade to current gen...

kickerz1616d ago

Or u just keep the Xbox one cause there's so many amazing games on the horizon

1616d ago
Andyajh1616d ago

Negative it is also on PC, and therefore not an exclusive.

thisgamer5031616d ago

Don't you know they only take the "exclusive" tag away if its an xbox game that comes to pc. If a ps4 game comes to PC then they kick and scream "But...but...but it's CONSOLE exclusive to ps4 yayz!" lol

TheXgamerLive1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

This story is a HUGE ps4 fanboy lie, but on a daily basis on N4G I expect no less.

Common swnce with deals like this their listed as NOT 4 RESALE and cannot be returned unless its the entire order, again this story is the fraud aka a lie.

Sony fanboys stop the BS.

Bzone241616d ago

The story is that it was returned to a target. Not the Best Buy it was bought at, hence the fraud.

JasonKCK1616d ago

Desperate people tend to do desperate things.

TheXgamerLive1616d ago

SOooooo 1 person returning something to a different store makes if a news worthy story to be represented as though its NUMEROUS people? I again restate my case. Fanboys.

lxeasy1616d ago

Good Title, that will surly give your web site some clicks. As inaccurate as this so called news is.

XanderZane1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Damn, I missed out on a great deal. I would have kept both. The Samsung 40" HDTV was a SMART TV as well. Probably worth $500+ all by itself. I already own a 46" Samsung Smart HDTV and an XBox One. If anything I would have just sold the Samsung HDTV to a friend for cheap. I wonder if they will do something like this again on Black Friday?

As for the fraud crap. If they returned the system to any store without a receipt, they would get store credit. No store would credit their credit card or give them cash back. So the store wouldn't lose anything. The Target receipt shows they got an XB1 and gave the guy credit of $349.99. The guy used the credit to buy a PS4 and paid the different of $53. Target didn't lose any money. They probably sold the XB1 for $349.99 to someone else. It is fraud though, but the customer service people at the stores should know this. They don't care though because they aren't losing any money.

AndrewLB1616d ago

The product is opened and checked by the return counter because people in the past have returned re-shrink wrapped boxes with weights added and product removed. This means it has to be returned through the distribution hub which results in lost money because they're paying out store credit for a product they never sold originally.

Stores need to be smart and record serial numbers at the point-of-sale so they can be cross-referenced when people attempt to make a return.

what's strange about this story is I've returned things in the past without a receipt and if there had been any sale on an item or if someone had price-matched the item, the most credit they'd give would be the lowest price they sold it for within the time period where returns are allowed.

My local Fry's electronics does record serial numbers when products are purchased in order to prevent fraudulent returns.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1616d ago

and target will turn around and sell it for $350, they're not losing a dime.

XanderZane1615d ago

Well Fry's Electronic will open the package even if it's new and never opened. Wal-Mart and Target usually doesn't open their packages. If these stores are losing money, then it's their own fault for not following their own policies. They should never take a return item without a receipt. Most times the receipt is only good for 21-30 days anyway. So how would they know how old the purchase was? I still don't see this as a loss for the store except for having to return the product back to the distributor or vendor. When the product is returned to the vendor, they will get full credit for the product, which cancels out the credit. The credit they give out to the customer will be spent in their store, so they will get that money back as well. The only lose is whatever funds they pay to ship the product back which they never really owned.

harrisk9541616d ago

The guy paid a $50.00 difference when he traded it. There was no fraud here. Best Buy allows returns and he paid money to make up some difference in price in Best Buy's system:

From the NeoGaf user's post:

"traded the Xbox One in for the Target PS4 deal this week. Only paid the 50 buck difference. Good deal all around for those wanting to keep the Xbox One or get a PS4 with the TV."

This opinion article is nonsense click bait.

1616d ago
thisgamer5031616d ago

Or the media is stirring up a frenzy like they like to do. ALl this "several" talk yet we have ONE story to go by lol

SilentNegotiator1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I'm sure plenty of people got the deal just to flip the TV or the Xbone for other things. It's like getting a brand new TV or Xbone for a hundred or so dollars.

And "just several" is quite the contradiction.

Adrian_v011616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Meh, wrong reply button.

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suckingeggs1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


But I bet more people kept Xbox's than traded them especially with halo around the corner

RedDevils1616d ago

Not how anyone would an x1 because of Halo anymore

thisgamer5031616d ago

What the hell are you trying to type little kid?

ZaWarudo1618d ago

Damn, why didn't i think of that?

lol joking, joking.

Chug1617d ago

Such a killer deal, glad I jumped on it. Flipped the tv for $350 so I essentially got an X1 for $150.

Mega241617d ago

You... you are going places.

neoandrew1617d ago

Exactly, great offer, don't see a fraud here.

nowitzki20041617d ago

Here is the fraud..

"During the past couple days several customers have returned the Xbox One to another retailer before sharing their experience on internet forums. They would state to customer service that they lost the receipt, resulting in them walking away with a brand name 40" HDTV for a staggering $150, or $280 less than its MSRP."

"One user on NeoGAF proudly shared his experience of not only returning the Xbox One at Target, but trading it in for the latest PS4 bundle which includes The Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Knight."

neoandrew1617d ago

I don't see it, if someone would really lost the receipt, would you call it a fraud?

They bought it, the hardware is theirs, they can do with that they want.

Customer service don't need to accept the return if they do not have the receipt, no one can force them to do so, they agreed, so where is the problem.

You honestly didn't think that people would not use this great offer to make money or buy cheaper? Someone that put this bundle in motion surely knows that also.

They don't even need to return it, they can sell it to anyone, it is the same.

donthate1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )


"They bought it, the hardware is theirs, they can do with that they want."

Yes, they can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or any entity. This constitutes hurting the store.....

"Customer service don't need to accept the return if they do not have the receipt, no one can force them to do so, they agreed, so where is the problem."

The problem is the person lied to get the store to do it.

If you walk into a bank and lied that the bank card is yours, it is no problem right, because the bank let you withdraw the money?

"I don't see it, if someone would really lost the receipt, would you call it a fraud?"

No, because you were being truthfull!

That is what that is intended for, and is goodwill from the store. Fraudulent actions like discussed is why stores stop doing them.

I'm sad to say that people will reason out of anything to justify the wrong they are doing. It's like common sense doesn't apply if I can twist it around to fit my agenda.

iSuperSaiyanGod1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

They Could of just craigslisted or ebayed it . There's no fraud just bent rules . They would of got around the same price for selling it & if they returned it for another thing in the store I'm guessing they would of used the money at that store anyways for the same product they exchange it for . Boo hoo & multi million dollar corporation got caught looking dumb . Not like they don't take advantage of customers every day w there insurance policy's & other non sense they never uphold w loop holes

TheCommentator1617d ago

This is the reason we can't have nice things.

lizard812881617d ago

I work in retail and a no receipt return means store credit only. The stores didn't lose any money at all. If anything, you'd think that they would be smart enough to put a not for individual sale tag on either the tv or Xbox one.

NarfleGarthok1617d ago

Wow, you are completely ignorant. The fraud happened when they fraudulently returned the Xbox to another store, lying about purchasing the product from them.

XisThatKid1616d ago

Apparently this is actually HOW we have nice things

thisgamer5031616d ago

Wow people are downright stupid on this site. So if you owned a store and somebody brought in a product from a DIFFERENT store and FOOLED you into giving him money for the product from a different store that YOU DIDN"T sell them in the first place. You wouldn't feel ripped off? REally? Or are you all just happy about the xbox to ps4 trade and turning a real stupid blind eye to the actual fraud? Oy fanboys

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RedDevils1616d ago

Same here I probably get rid of the tv and get the games, since I already have one and a PS4, with X1 and games would be full of awesomeness lol

neoandrew1617d ago

It is an offer, not a fraud, they taken the offer, the console and tv is theirs and they can do with it what they want, end of story.

cartoonx11617d ago

nope its fraud, they lied about receipt. since u cant return without receipt they lied tht they lost it. its fraud.

neoandrew1617d ago

It is just piece of paper, it is their hardware now, they can sell it to who they want.

No one is obligated to accept the return if they don't have the receipt, it's not their problem, if and employee agrees to accept the refund without the receipt than it was his decision.

nowitzki20041617d ago


Yes they can sell it or give it away if they want.. but lying is lying and stop defending it.

donthate1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )


If you ever get caught, try telling that to the police or the judge!

The store agreed upon false pretenses by a non-customer. Would you imagine the opposite. The store could say, the customer agreed to it and thus, I'm not at fault for presenting false marketing!

XBLSkull1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

They can sell it to who they want, the just can't lie to Target saying they bought it there. What about this do you not understand? It is fraud as plain as day.

Now, had they not wanted the Xbox, and took it back to Best Buy, with the receipt, and said they didn't want it, and got the money they paid for it in return, well buddy, that is 100% perfect in my books. No fraud there.

nitus101616d ago

Fraud - In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

There is more but basically fraud was committed. What is even more amazing is that the store fell for it. Normally to return goods you need a receipt and if you state that you lost it then it is up to the individual store if they give you a refund, but they should have taken down the person's particulars.

If those people sold their unwanted product on say eBay then there should not be an issue.

RedDevils1616d ago

Why would any company/store accept a return product without a receipt for proof of purchase, that mean that x customer could rob or stolen the good and make quick buck with their "oh I lost my receipt" whoopydoo

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Mega241617d ago

Neoan, the problem is not them selling it, the problem is them returning it to other retailers, and exchanging it for money back or another console/bundle.

But in all honesty, the retailers are at fault for taking a product without proof of purchase.

neoandrew1617d ago

"But in all honesty, the retailers are at fault for taking a product without proof of purchase. "
^ This

Customer service don't need to accept the return if they do not have the receipt, no one can force them to do so, they agreed, so there is no problem on their side i think.

BeefCurtains1617d ago

There is truth in that statement, but my first job was customer service at a retailer. Have you ever told someone no for returning without a receipt? They will cut you and burn down the store!!! LOL.

It's best to just move on, this practice was dishonest, but retailers make a killing off the general consumer all day long.

Baka-akaB1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Really ? That's ... generous ... i guess it's a bit about cultural differences in business across various countries , but i've never seen local stores accept without receipts .

I've even seen instance where it's a known customer they'd remember , but just to follow policies and look like good and obedient employée they'd refuse and call their supervisor to deal with this instead

Ra3v3r1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@BeefCurtains I work in retail and I tell people it's not coming back without a receipt all the time. If the product has my company's brand on it I'll swap it for something else in store, otherwise jog on.

If you paid with a card I'll look up your purchase but again, no receipt - no return. Maybe it's just different in the UK. I also don't live by the rule that the customer is always right, purely cos we always pull shit like this.

I'll be honest, if a UK retailer was doing this kinda deal I'd be torn between giving my skint mate the xbox (already got one and he needs some new gen action) and punting it online to buy a PS4. I really wanna play Bloodborne and Rocket League. Missed TLOU as well.

I'd never consider returning it to another retailer but then again we only really have the joys of Curry's PC World....

MrBeatdown1616d ago


Wow. By that logic, the store can lie to you to sell you a product, just because you aren't "forced" to buy it.

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r2oB1617d ago

@ neoandrew

You can't be that dense. Of course it's fraud. By definition fraud is a deliberate attempt at deception. You think any retailer would have accepted the return if they had admitted to buying the console at another retailer? Or if they had said it was a sale or trade in rather than a return (they may have accepted it but for a lesser value than MSRP)? These people deliberately deceived the retailers into thinking the original purchase was done there. Just because the retailer accepted the return in good faith doesn't nullify the act of fraud on the consumers part.

Your skewed moral compass only effects your subjective opinion on whether the act was right or wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that the act was fraudulent.

jb2271617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

"Skewed moral compass" may be taking it a bit far. Lying to a faceless corporation that over works & underpays desperate employees while their executives see millions in salary & bonuses every year hardly constitutes a criminal mind.

It may be technically considered "fraud" but it only existed because of policies that were put into place by the store. It's a white lie to a corporation that will profit regardless of it in the long term. I'd prefer to side with flesh & blood human beings and gamers just trying to get the most out of their hard earned dollars than some big retail chain making money hand over fist.

Gh05t1616d ago


You would steal from a company and expect that to not come out of the lowest possible worker? You talk about getting back but how did you help the people you claim they underpay?

You only help yourself, you may talk about caring about the others but if you did you wouldnt ateal a dime because in the end it all comes out of someones check.

I am also assuming since you are so against profit that you dont make a penny more than is necessary to survive... you must not play games since if you did that would mean you spent "extra" money ie profit to play.

You progressive backwards thinking parasites cant even make an arguement without contradicting your own beliefs.

VINNIEPAZ1617d ago

''Customer service don't need to accept the return if they do not have the receipt, no one can force them to do so, they agreed, so there is no problem on their side i think.''

But the fact remains. You still LIED. Are you that slow?

Kiwi661617d ago

What part of this don't you understand they brought the bundle from bestbuy but then went to a different store and said they brought the xbox one from them and that they wanted to return it for cash but they had lost the reciept that is where the fraud part is stop defending this sort of thing

_-EDMIX-_1616d ago

??? I mean...all I can say is welcome to the real world. That is 100% fraud. That is like saying if I bought a car, then took the vin and plates off and tried to pass it off as a different model, make etc to a dealer to return that it would be ok because I "bought it" lolz.

I..I don't think you get what fraud is.

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