Square Enix needs to give Dragon Quest XI a chance in the West

Dragon Quest XI can bring back old-school Japanese role-playing games in a big way, but Square Enix first needs to give it a chance in the West.

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ColManischewitz1628d ago

I'll buy it on both 3DS and PS4 just to support it.

RpgSama1627d ago

They would not be making it for the Ps4 if they do not have plans to release it in the west, almost all of the Ps4 install base is in the west. If anything, the 3ds version is mostly for the japanese market and the Ps4 version is for the west.

xfiles20991627d ago

That is so true if it was not coming to the west it would not of been released on PS4. I wish they would bring some of the Dragon Quest 3ds titles to PS4 and Vita

3-4-51627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

* Might get a lot of disagrees, but here goes:

* The want and desire to play Dragon Quest 11 in the west is at least as big as FF15.

Final Fantasy has screwed up a bit in the past and lost some of it's luster, where Dragon Quest has only gotten better with age.

The problem is we don't get to experience that too often.

* I'd be willing to bet Dragon Quest 11 will sell roughly 80-90% of what FF15 would sell in the WEST.

Once people see the Art Style,gameplay,content,music,c haracters,towns,world....they are going to want this game almost or more than FF15.

I'll get both, but Dragon Quest 11 is my most wanted game by far...nothing is even close. I know I'm not the only one.

* Also we need DQ 7&8 in some REAL form in the west, as in 3DS/Vita/PS4/NX/XB1.....someth ing other than ios.

I'll be buying Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS/PS4/NX just to support and keep them coming.

KimikoGaming1628d ago

They need to give all the Dragon Quest games a chance in the west... Especially these:

Dragon Quest 7 3D
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D
Dragon Quest 8 3D
Dragon Quest 11

and maybe Theatrhythm Dragon Quest

Relientk771628d ago

It's easily in my top most wanted games so yeah I want it to come west

scark921628d ago

Dragon Quest Builders could popularize the series if that comes to the west, since it is similar to Minecraft.

Drithe1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I think this one could be big here in the US. I would just LOVE to be able to carry over a character I made to all the player made quests that is gonna come from that.

Tzuno1628d ago

Well it's their loss if they not release in the west.

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The story is too old to be commented.