Xur is Selling Gjallarhorn and Why You Must Buy it! 8/14/15

Xur is Selling Gjallarhorn! It's the Best PvE weapon in the game go buy it ya fools!

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Bleucrunch1628d ago

Very strong gun, but the allure of it now gone since EVERYONE who has 17 strange coin can get it. Imagine that after all this grinding all I really needed was 17 strange coins...who would have thunk it??? Since its going to be nerfed anyway I will use my strange coin for heavy weapon synthesis.

xHeavYx1628d ago

Isn't it about to get heavily nerfed?

Christopher1628d ago

The wolf pack rounds, which make it OP, are going to get nerfed. So, yeah. Not really a huge deal to hand it out now. Especially considering it's a given that they're going to put in more exotics that are hard to get with the expansion that will replace the old ones. Especially considering none of the old guns will be upgraded to the new level 40.

TheLoCoRaven1628d ago

@Christopher . . . I believe its just legendary weapons and armor that can't go to level 40.

Vitalogy1628d ago

@xHeavYx Exactly. Why bother getting the gjallarhorn now if it will being nerfed and because of the The Taken King dlc all actual weapons will be kind of obsolete, because bungie.

That's the only reason the rocket launcher is available now on xur and that's why I'll spend my money else where and not with bungie's milking cow.

thekhurg1628d ago

THe nerf part is rather moot, it'll still be the most powerful heavy weapon in the game.

The kick to the nuts is that Xur is selling it NOW, about a month before all current equipment becomes obsolete.

Palitera1627d ago

Say that to those people that still think Bungie does not control Xur.

The most powerful weapon in the game is sold at the beginning ("beware late adopters, always buy our content at launch") and a month before the passive nerf.

Yeah, totally random, right...

Seraphim1627d ago

that's exactly why they're finally selling again. well that and maybe to finally shut the last remaining cry babies who haven't been fortunate enough to get one.

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drifter861628d ago

@Vitalogy ...

First off your perception of Bungie is way off; Activision is in charge of any pricing with this game. Second of all the Gjallarhorn after the nerf will still be a great weapon. Wolf pack rounds are getting small nerf and all exotics will be up-gradable in the new DLC. Only year one legendary weapons and armor will stay behind.

3-4-51628d ago

Must buy ? Don't tell me what I have to do.

WellyUK1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

No idea why everyone is kicking off about it being available with coins considering it was one of the first weapons Xur sold in the first few weeks of the game releasing...

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TheLoCoRaven1628d ago

Haven't played Destiny at all in about a month. I use to at least get the weekly strange coins every week. Think I'll sign back in just to snag this.