Konami Spying on Their Own Employees

Poli Games talks about the new claim that Konami is Spying on it's own employees

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SaveFerris1788d ago

Konami employees need to be on the lookout for cardboard boxes and management using OctoCamo.

Articuno761788d ago

The real reason why MGSV's budget is so high: It's actually a front for an RnD campaign into intra-office security.

3-4-51788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

* Will be interesting to see how many employees leave once MGS5 is released.

I have a feeling a lot are just sticking around for their resume, so they don't get erased from the game like Kojima was.

They could all leave now and screw Konami, but whoever is in charge knows this and is using it as leverage.

* They have to stay and put up with this BS, or if they leave, fans will be mad at them for "quitting" and not giving them what they want.

* No good person does this to other people, therefore whoever is in charge at Konami can't be a good Human being....they are just.....a problem causer.

And I've never even played a MGS game, so I have no emotional ties to the series whatsoever, but what Konami is doing is just wrong.

* Buy the game used!

BigBosss1788d ago

The employees need to get the heck out of there and apply at other gaming companies that will treat them with respect and not be treating them like crap, spying on them, etc. Konami, you went full retard, never go full retard!

TwoForce1788d ago

That's disgusting, Konami.

scark921788d ago

Kojima is going to start his own company without borders, and fight back against Cipher (aka Konami)

1nsomniac1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Don't all companies spy on their employees especially when it comes to watching over them while they're at work. Most if not all spy on employees Facebook pages. I've come across companies that even install key loggers on work machines also without the knowledge of their employees & monitor emails.

This is just the norm now since its been introduced & excepted so rampantly by the general public.

You're excepting Windows 10 with open arms for gods sake. I don't understand the mindset of people on here. How is the spying on you, the completely unaffiliated, not worse than spying on someone you pay to work to ensure he's working when he says he is lol.

Why is this all of a sudden such big news now, just because it's happening to Konami after getting rid of Kojima?

You people are proper mental!

Baka-akaB1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

You do realize that it goes further than that ? Like spying social networks , like most do indeed , but with the intended result to re-assign and demote people that dare even like pages that are in their "blacklist" (like say still liking a kojima page as an example) . Among other consequences .

And that said re-assigning can go as far as white collar employées turned janitor ?

Of course it's worse than usual , even if other companies pull sneaky stuff and stealth punitions . But they are not so openly calleous and blasé about it like some nefarious company from a movie .

And of course we only know of it because of the serie of controversial events since the Kojima affair . So what ? That's precisely when and why it became public knowledge

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