Cloud Compute- Unlimited power. So what else can it do?

"We know that the cloud can give us the power to destroy, but what else can it do? Is there anything there for the pacifists, conservationists, or architects to enjoy? Let’s take a look at what else we might expect from the power of the cloud"

Asa from Gameondaily looks at the power of the cloud and how it can potentially benefit gamers in the future

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SaveFerris1628d ago

Does that mean the possibility of having a game with a city full of zombies using cloud compute for AI?

Dinkis1628d ago

That's what it sounds like. I think it would be really awesome to have the next dead rising game with a much bigger city more zombies with smarter AI. Lots of possibilitys

Volkama1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I dunno, zombies are dumb by design. Dead Rising's survivors would probably benefit more from this tech than the zombies. They could do more than stand on top of cars waiting for the player to rescue them.

Imagine the state of Dead Rising's streets if dead (re-dead?) zombies persisted forever though. Would need to introduce a zombie-pile climbing animation just to stop the player getting hemmed in lol.

uRaDecepticon1628d ago

Maybe the State of Decay MMO will be utilizing the tech.

freshslicepizza1628d ago

i remember when they made a big deal about skid marks in racing games staying there. reading about the possibility of an rpg game and persistence has me excited.

Outthink_The_Room1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Yes. AI can be offloaded to the cloud. Difference is, it would have to be online only to do so. That's going to ruffle feathers of the "I don't have internet" people who post on the internet........

But it's more than AI.

Water Simulation: They could render bodies of water like how CD3 is doing buildings. Each square mile of water could be calculated with accurate physics collisions so the ship traverses the waves in a realistic fashion.

Foliage: Trees and Grass could use remote physics to calculate wind and velocity. Swaying blades of grass individually instead of pre-canned back and forth motions of rigged assets.

Collision: Racing games that use impact and crumple zones to have real time damage at a realistic level. No more pre-canned window cracks or fender scrapes. Each panel of the car could be calculated accurately with exact damage represented in the models.

There are many other things as well. This post is long enough, but the application has a vast array of potential. Curious to see how MS tackles some of their IPs with this.

SaveFerris1628d ago

Nice. I'd take all of the above, improved zombie AI and building destruction , put them in the next State of Decay or Dying Light game.

Foehammer1628d ago

Well said

And another article talked about volumetric fog.

I'm sure MS will be implementing this tech into their development kits so developers will all have access and can amaze us all.

2016 is looking like a new age of possibilities in gaming.

TheCommentator1628d ago

Real time raytracing is one way graphics could be enhanced with the cloud. The lighting pass doesn't impact gameplay and could function with a small delay. True, full raytracing requires about 5-6tf to run right.

pelenow1628d ago

Can't wait to see what MS unveils at E3 next year. This tech has a lot of potential and CD3 is just the tip of the iceberg.

1628d ago
PSIN4MANT1628d ago

I just wish there was more transparency, the demo was obviously running on a dev kit. But with only one character on screen why did it need the power of 4 of the servers?

Does that mean there will be a very low MP count? 2v2 or 4v4 to cut down on processing needs?

These are the questions that I think need to be answered before I get crazy over the cloud tech in crackdown.

donthate1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

There have been plenty of videos showing the team processing up to 13 or so servers at once trying to push it further. They were using over powered weapons to bring down the city faster to see the destruction so there is a lot more power there.

However, I don't think more players is better, but better game mechanics and team work is better. Those are game issues though, not technology.

Just keep in mind that the cloud power usage isn't linear or constant and as such this plays to the strength of the cloud of scaling up and load balancing those resources.

KionicWarlord2221628d ago

"Does that mean there will be a very low MP count? 2v2 or 4v4 to cut down on processing needs? "

No. The player counts are not finalized.

Keys to the city hashtag there pretty much confirms that mode will be returning.

FlexLuger1628d ago

But generally though Co op in CD has always been 2 and 4 player. I dont expect that to change much. but more could be interesting.....

Lennoxb631628d ago

You can't really fake it since its 4, 5, and even 20x the computation power needed at times. They can't pulling this from another device. It HAS to either be Azure, or MS has found a demigod and made the remains of it into a PC. lol

Rookie_Monster1628d ago

State Of Decay MMO. Drooling about the possibility.

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The story is too old to be commented.