The Order 1886 Dev Explains How They Used 4xMSAA On PS4; Comparison Between No AA vs. 4xMSAA On PS4

Ready at Dawn recently shared their technology at Siggraph 2015 explaining the use of 4xMSAA on PS4. They also shared a comparison between No AA vs. 4xMSAA on PS4.

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Foehammer1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Good to see this computation heavy tool being used on console to such great effect, makes a big difference. I think Forza Horizon 2 was the first time it was used on console.

Great to see the developers improving our games

user99502791619d ago

excuse me, but did you just say that... Forza Horizons 2 is a technical achievement?

*hits the disagree button so hard that I crush my mouse and damage a desk leg causing my computer to crash to the floor and burst into flames*

sammarshall1021619d ago

Name 5 other console games that have 4xMSAA

Yes Forza Horizon 2 is a technical achievement

Volkama1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Forza Horizon 2 is 1080p on the Xbox One, AND features 4xMSAA. Regardless of what you think of the game or it's visuals, that is a technical achievement.

Or have you not noticed that many devs struggle to hit 1080p on that same hardware?

user99502791619d ago

part of me knew i would get an odd mixed bag of replies from people who arent particularly good at identifying sarcasm.

Though I was hoping that the idea of me going Hulk on my desk and my computer bursting into flames might be sufficiently red flags.

note to self: be more ridiculous

Volkama1619d ago

I don't think anyone believed you literally did the hulk smash, but it's quite normal to interpret that you were trying to exaggerate your point.

But yes, I would definitely encourage you (and everyone else) to be more ridiculous.

yewles11618d ago

"Forza Horizon 2 is 1080p on the Xbox One, AND features 4xMSAA. Regardless of what you think of the game or it's visuals, that is a technical achievement."

I think that's a bit disappointing to consider 1080p, 4xMSAA an achievement for all consoles this gen...

*goes back to Full Auto 2: Battlelines*

Lamboomington1618d ago

Calm down, he just said Forza 2 used it for the first time on console.

Everyone knows that overall, the Order is more visually impressive. I'm saying that aware of the fact that the two are completely different games.

Azzanation1618d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is an amazing looking game, remember its doing 1080p, solid 30 frames with MSAAx4 in an open world environment.


Lol....I needed that,Thanks.

KionicWarlord2221618d ago

Forza horizon 2 is a technical achievement for what they accomplished with forward rendering.

NinjaNick1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Yes, Forza Horizon 2 is a technical achievement.

OldDude1618d ago

If you don't think FH2 is an achievement then you are blind. The Order blanks out a third of the screen, has an erratic framerate and is very linear. I would hope compared to FH2 what is left does look better because it isn't doing near what FH2 is doing. Open world, drivatars, rock solid FPS, 1080p and 4xMSAA.

Yeah, compared to The Order, FH2 is an amazing technical achievement.

3-4-51618d ago

uhh Forza Horizon 2 is a very good looking game.

It just is.

Just because you like Sony better doesn't mean good things can't also happen to XB1 as well.

fattyuk1618d ago

Im a playstation fanboy, have been for years
I also own an xbox one/ had 2 360s
I invested in pc gaming september 2014

and i can tell you something, all of these graphic console wars are absolute garbage and boring to read,

since getting a pc and realising "the other side" - it really becomes clear just how petty and how sad these " console graphic wars " are!

OpenGL1618d ago

Forza Horizon 1
Alan Wake
Gran Turismo 5 in 720p mode
Heavenly Sword
Super Stardust HD in 720p mode

I mean there were actually quite a few early 360 games that used it. Most developers don't use it now because of the performance and the fact that it doesn't work well with deferred shading.

King-u-mad1618d ago

Does no one remember what God of War 3 did on the ps3? lol

dantesparda1618d ago

Devs explain how they used 4xMSAA on TO? Was it magic? Did they make a deal with the devil? Are they programming gods? No! They just turned it on. Thats ity! Its that simple. Any game can do it, heck even last gen games/systems can do it, its just that these so called next gen systems are so weak, so pathetic that they struggle to even do that!

And the fact that people think that 1080p and 4xMSAA is a "technical achievement" is just sad and shows just how pathetic these systems and its fanboys really are.

And UFC had 4xMSAA on PS4 (and just 2xMSAA on X1). And that was out way before FH2. Btw, i have FH2 and its a nice looking game but its no next gen marvel, especially not because of its AA. And i also have TO and while it a pretty next gen looking game, i dont like the "soft" look it has (just like Ryse, which i also have).

Ok, now have fun disagreeing away.

_-EDMIX-_1618d ago

Agreed. Many need to factor that its also based on how demanding the game is.

Is doesn't Forza Horizon 2 have a 360 version?

For arguments sake, would it not be easier to actually do such a thing on a lessor title then on a very demanding one?

How demanding could Forza Horizon 2 be if it was able to even have a 360 version?

I would say the Order or any title exclusive to current gen with a demanding engine would better suit the whole "technical achievement" idea.

johndoe112111618d ago

You won the Internet for the day.

0to1001618d ago

the order was sub hd, don't you sony bots hate sub hd like killzone mp?

forza h2 was 1080p with 4xMSAA which was impressive and was actually playable.

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finbars751618d ago

No offense it FH2 might use it but it looks nothing compared to Drive Club. So really saying that it looks great really doesnt defy technical achievement to a game that doesnt use it.

WellyUK1618d ago

Ye but then again FH2 is a much better game than Driveclub no matter how good it looks.

1618d ago
Septic1618d ago

Its an open world racer and is impressive nonetheless.

0to1001618d ago

i don't know where the magic hype about driveclub visuals came from but i got the ps plus edition and it looks horrible, jaggies, lots of low textures, the presentation of the game wasn't as clean as a gran turismo or forza game.

and a 30fps racer too, thought the ps4 could do a better job but i guess not.

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GameNameFame1618d ago ShowReplies(3)
christian hour1618d ago

well this whole article was made pointless by them only uploading small resolution pictures, yes you can still see the difference if you look hard enough, but you cant see just how much of a difference it really makes because tese pictures are so low res. Why even bother? I hate when websites do this >:(

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Volkama1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Title is a bit weird. I mean "We didn't" is a pretty funny explanation. They used EQAA, with some post process temporal AA.

Digital Foundry said in their analysis that it wasn't 4xMSAA as well. They said it was good, but the characteristics of the solution were not those of 4xMSAA.

GamingBolt did a "technical analysis" as well where they claimed they could totally see the 4xMSAA, and totally weren't just parroting something they heard elsewhere.

So... props to digital foundry, and same old from Gamingbolt.

DarkLordMalik1619d ago

The developers officially called it 4xMSAA, and even in the slides, they detailed the steps on how they approached it. They put the AA quality somewhere between 2x to 4xMSAA.
The title reflects developer's statements while the actual article details their method. I don't see anything wrong with it.

Volkama1619d ago

4xMSAA is a specific and well-established technique. It isn't a measure of quality. Getting results similar to 4xMSAA is not using 4xMSAA.

It's like trying to explain how to ride a bike by saying "you just need to run quite fast".

Grap1618d ago

there's literally an endless solutions to get 4xMSAA quality, but calling this 4xMSAA is pure lie or ignorant.

Genova841619d ago ShowReplies(2)
yewles11619d ago

I think they should've tried a custom resolution of 2160x900, having a pixel count closer to that of 1080p downsampled while keeping their aspect ratio, IMO...

quaneylfc1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Still focusing on the engine i see?

Spotie1618d ago

If it's gonna be used, potentially on multiple platforms, for the whole of the generation, why the hell not?

You got a problem with it?

Volkama1618d ago

Seems reasonable considering the purpose of the event. They were there purely to discuss how they achieved the visuals of the game...

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