There's no excuses now, grab a Wii U basic console for only £124.99

DS: We challenge anybody sat on the fence with the Nintendo Wii U to resist this beauty of an offer. At only £124.99 this is the lowest price we have seen the console available from a UK retailer (apart from the freak £99 flash offering from John Lewis last year).

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ShaunCameron1623d ago

Those are still around? It's been a long while since I last seen a basic Wii U.

superchiller1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

With a paltry 8gb of storage (and an even more pitiful 3gb usable), it's easy to see why the basic Wii U was an abject failure. They might as well have just made it with no storage at all; such an underwhelming console.

iplay1up21622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Great console, and who cares, its called a hard drive. You can pick up TB HD for $50. Nintendo and Sony let you use pretty much any external source you want. Microsoft does not.

superchiller1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@ GotHDGame - First of all, the fact that Nintendo was so cheap about storage on the Wii U, is one of the many reasons that the console has failed. They literally cut out or scaled back every possible feature/spec, to keep their costs low, and their profits up. And they also did this to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad gimmick, which sapped huge resources away from the base console itself, and ended up being just a mediocre feature.

Second, you are wrong about external storage; it is Microsoft that allows use of external HDDs with both the 360 and XB1, and Sony doesn't allow that for the PS3 or PS4. However, Sony allows people to replace their internal HDD, which is a nice option.

marloc_x1621d ago

Spot on schiller!

Wii U should have some type of proprietary memory storage that is very expensive😋

iplay1up21621d ago

The Wii U sold at a loss for months. It was the gamepad that sucked up the money.I would say Nintendo has marketed the system poorly.

The gamepad is great.

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