Quantum Break: "your choice, your version of the show"

"So how the experience goes, you play through an act of the game," Remedy's Sam Lake told Gamereactor. "It ends in a special scene that we are calling 'a junction in time', where - because it's about time travel, because it's about alternate timelines - you see glimpses of two potential futures, you make a choice which future comes to pass. And then, immediately afterwards, we unlock the next episode of the show. We shot a lot of alternate content, so depending on your choice you get your version of the show."

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BallsEye1623d ago

WOah! Now that is something new. Might be one of very few games I finish more than once.

-Foxtrot1622d ago

Hmmmmm, I'm loving the look of the game so far but I have to be honest I don't give a crap about the show.

It's all about the game for me.

Really hope they don't do this for Alan Wake 2

Septic1622d ago

I really like this, the way the live action show and the game melding together. Could be really good. Here's hoping the show isn't crap though.

The show follows the enemies which is pretty good that you get to see the other side of things.

-Foxtrot1622d ago

Wouldn't it have just been better to show you them in cutscenes or maybe a short level in between the main levels so we could see the other side of things.

I just feel like the resources and time that went into the show could have been spent on the game instead

Release date is moved up, length is longer, the game has more in game features, more polish etc

Just seems like a waste when there's a lot of people who are either not going to be bothered by the show and it's completely oblivious to them or those who don't give a crap and just want to get to the game.

Could have just been more real time cutscenes, it's kind of coming off as a clever trick to give us more cutscenes without us actually thinking there's too many of them since the live action show will spilt it up for us.

user99502791622d ago

It really hinges on whether or not the show is interesting. I mean, the game could be amazing in its own right, but having the show compliment it correctly could make or break QB.

chrisx1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

This is a cool feature,the dedication is real. Personally not interested in the show but cool for those who are

lastking951622d ago

Sweet, the show just better be good or else it would the game I feel.

pelenow1622d ago

I like the multiple outcome stuff. They really ran with the time travel theme and being a sci-fi geek I can't wait to play.

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