Star Fox Zero’s Uncertain Fate

Prior to an official reveal, there was a lot of buzz and confusion surrounding a new Star Fox game appearing on Wii U. People were (are) desperate for new Wii U games, especially with the NX making some wonder if Nintendo plan to slowly kill Wii U support. Star Fox hasn’t been touched by Nintendo for a while now, and like every new Star Fox, there was buzz to see if the new game would be a true sequel to Star Fox 64. Then the E3 reveal.

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Chaosdreams1617d ago

Fox himself won't survive if Nintendo has him do a barrel roll into an incoming object.

3-4-51617d ago

I love Nintendo...Star Fox 64 was really fun, but this new one looks incredibly boring.

Couldn't pay me to play it.

They should have scrapped this in favor of a new IP on the NX.

It's wasted development time, when the focus needs to be on making awesome games for launch for the NX.

Chaosdreams1617d ago

The NX will either help them tremendously, or severely cripple them. It's getting close to a do or die point in time. I skipped the Wii U, but for those who purchased one, they will need a strong reason to get another new console from Nintendo in a small span of time.

That being said, I have faith they can fix the wrongs. Star Fox included, be it down the road.

1617d ago