Sam Lake on Alan Wake 2: "we haven't given up on that dream"

During Gamereactor's interview with Sam Lake at Gamescom, where for the most part we discussed Quantum Break, we asked about the oft-requested Alan Wake 2, and the studio's creative director revealed that the studio still hopes to return to the supernatural IP.

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vega2751623d ago

I'm pretty sure MS would back this game once QB releases. I definitely enjoyed the first one. I hope they also add it to the BC list.

coolbeans1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Alan Wake was just recently added to the BC list.

Hooray! :D

StrayaKNT1623d ago

Wow that list is incredible, cant wait to play Alan wake and halo wars again. Also want to play all of the titles I missed last gen.

Toiletsteak1623d ago

"This list has been put together from a collection of sources, including official releases and imagery, and interviews and insights provided by specialist press. They should be taken as an educated guide until officially confirmed"

coolbeans1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

^Missed that the first time. :/

Thanks Toiletsteak.

wicked1623d ago

Oh wow, I haven't played it yet, still in it's wrapper. Will try it on my XB1

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StrayaKNT1623d ago

I absolutely loved Alan wake. Hope they work on it after quantum break.

green1623d ago

I hope they can start work on Alan Wake 2 once Quantum Break is out. ALan Wake was a really a great game and with over 4 million copies sold on Xbox 360 and PC, the sequel will have a very solid fanbase to ensure its success.

mcstorm1623d ago

Yeah I hope they can make a AW2 the 1st one was for me one of the best games I played last gen. With the new look Microsoft making cross platform games on xbox one and pc I think they should let them make a 2nd and if they can make it an open world game which they tried to do last time I think it could be even better than the 1st game was.
Fingers crossed we see the 2nd announced after QB hit the console which is another game I can not wait to get my hands on.

Jmanzare1623d ago

The reason the game changed mid development from open world to a more linear game is because of the pacing of the story. I loved Alan wake and would prefer if they kept it the way it is

tigertron1623d ago

I want Remedy to make this after QB.

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The story is too old to be commented.