Everything you need to prepare for Dying Light: The Following

MWEB GameZone writes: "Beautiful new screenshots, five new gameplay treats and lots more to prepare you for Dying Light: The Following."

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HanCilliers1619d ago

Really looks amazing, well done to Techland.

HoldenZA1619d ago

Those screenshots look mint! This game is going to be great....unless your a zombie

lord zaid1619d ago

Dying Light remains the best game to come out this year. And its great that the team are still supporting it. Excellent stuff

KyRo1618d ago

This, Bloodborne and Life is Stange are my highlights of this year. It's a shame a game like Fallout 4 will win GOTY.

Choc_Salties1619d ago

So many of games to play, soo little time... :(

SonZeRo1619d ago

I enjoyed dying light but the weapon degradation was way to quick for my liking, spent more time repairing than actually killing things.

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