Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine Items and Location for August 14, 15 (Week 49) Revealed

This week, Xur Agent of the Nine is finally selling the long requested Gjallarhorn.

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Mr-Dude1619d ago

Lol, after all this time and after it's nerfed to a squirdgun?

Why i wonder... ^^

jackanderson19851619d ago

not nerfed yet, soon to be though i suppose

Saijahn1619d ago

Their main issue with Gjally was that people wouldn't team up with other players who didn't have it. Now that's been solved and it's for the taking for anyone with 17 strange coins. Hopefully they won't nerf it now.

NSANiTY1619d ago

Yeah, after all this time suddenly appears again, pretty weird. Just got my 2nd drop of this (6 months since my first one) last night on a Dragon Strike too. So unless I want one for each character there's no need for a new one at this point. Great for the people who never got it though. Depends on how bad the upcoming nerf is going to be I suppose.

Cra2yey31619d ago

It isnt nerfed yet but yeah. Its not as exciting

sactownlawyer9161619d ago

Wow finally. I logged on to buy it not gonna lie.

KyRo1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So now they sell it when Bungie have openly said that year one weapons won't hold up that well and won't be upgradable to TTKs damage level. Apparently green and blue drops in TTK will be stronger than year one exotics!

eddieistheillest1619d ago

The interview said legendary stuff can't get upgraded .

KyRo1619d ago

Thank you for clearing that up. I was honestly ready to go on a dismantling spree.

lildudexst1619d ago

all exotic is going to act the same. Exotic weapons and gear and legendary gear can be upgraded but not legendary weapons for the sad part.which is understandable.Time to move on.

maybelovehate1619d ago

Actually the second time it has been sold. It was like the second gun Xur ever sold haha. I didn't have enough strange coins back then though.

Jmanzare1619d ago

I thought exotics were upgradable it's just legendary gear that isn't? Either way I'm getting this

KyRo1619d ago

I'm not sure. they did say they don't want people just sticking with the same old guns from year one. I may of just heard what MoreConsole and DPJ meant wrongly though. I always watch YouTube before bed and half asleep lol

JohnWayne_1619d ago

All exotics are upgradeable to the new level, only the year one legendaries aren't. But in this weekly update they said not to delete any of your gear and guns, so there may be something they have planned for the year one legendary stuff.

Jmanzare1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

You can probably dismantle the year one legendarys into some new useful material. I don't think they are going to be upgradable

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The story is too old to be commented.