Crackdown 3’s spectacular tech suggests the cloud may be Xbox One’s killer app after all

Crackdown 3’s spectacular destruction brings home Xbox’s message: the cloud is the future.

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Barnaby-Jones1792d ago

I hope there's gonna be competitive MP aswell as Co-op. I can only imagine how awesome it would be gliding through the air dodging enemy fire and debris while trying to get a well placed shot on a building sending it crashing down on the opponent. And of course all the hijinks playing with friends. Really looking forward to Crackdown 3!

user99502791792d ago

In some of the demo footage it seemed like players were shooting at each other, and I recall hearing PVP strongly implied. I'm expecting it, and agree with you about how amazing it could be.

In any case, as soon as you enter a building I'm taking that sucker down. >=]

Barnaby-Jones1792d ago

Lol gonna be fun trying to escape from inside the collasping building. I also hope they have a large bridge somewhere in the city. 100% destructable Giant Bridge Battles!

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deadpoolio3161792d ago

Ummmm the competitive MP is the only place that 100% destructibility exists, that isn't in the SP which is smart of them cause they don't have to leave the cloud server up forever that way.

Caedus5111792d ago

You're forgetting about co-op. 100% destruction applies to co-op and competitive MP. So please go try to downplay the cloud in another fashion please.

Rookie_Monster1792d ago

Killer app potential for sure.

Crackdown and the cloud compute tech could be the next evolution in gaming since going from 2d to 3D.

Awesome potential for sure! Can't wait to play play it myself and feel the next step in gaming evolution. Almost every preview by the press were wowed by it.

DragonbornZ1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

It really could be. Besides Crackdowns destruction and Forza drivatar, Halo is also using it for their AI and physics for coop and warzone:

"We use cloud compute on dedicated servers for Warzone and Campaign coop because both modes feature vast environments and large numbers of AI combatants. It's primarily used for AI and physics. In Campaign we've designed missions with multiple paths and open combat bowls to allow team members to spread out and take advantage of different tactical approaches to encounters. This means many more active AI than previous Halo games. "

Imagine other games taking advantage of this. Horde modes would never be the same again O_O

4Sh0w1792d ago

Oh snap, I didn't know they were using this in Halo5.....daayum thats cool.

Thanks for the info Dragonbornz.

freshslicepizza1792d ago

drivatar was kind of the first wave of new possibilities in forza. looks like they are finally starting to tap into the potential of the cloud.

in crackdown 3 it's going to be stupid fun where you can just have a blast (no pun) messing around.

BranWheatKillah1792d ago

Everyone realizes that Sony could do this as well if they wanted to, right? They bought the Gaikai Cloud service after all.

Regardless, I hope this turns out great. It could make for some really awesome experiences.

AutoCad1792d ago

isnt gaikai just a streaming service?

OOMagnum1792d ago

😒 So Gaikai is like Azure now?

KionicWarlord2221792d ago

Sure they can do this too.

Its all apart of there master plan.

They let Cloudgine be established "one year" before xbox ones launch in 2012 which is co founded by dave jones. Microsoft announces there xbox compute platform in 2013 and apparently even sony is baffled by Microsoft statements.

But can do this....with gaikai.

frozen-assets1792d ago

I don't think they could use Gaikai, different infrastructure. I also doubt they would build their own platform. Lot's of companies out there selling IAAS/PAAS/SAAS solutions. Azure wasn't build for the X-Box, it just uses it. Sony would go to Amazon or IBM or any number of competitors if they wanted to go down this road.

uRaDecepticon1792d ago

Realize? They're not though, so what? And hasn't bringing up Sony in this been done to death?

gamer78041792d ago

Gaika is like Onlive was. Very different from azure

showtimefolks1792d ago


no they don't realize that Sony bought that company years back for over 335 million dollars.

yes crackdown 3 looks awesome but how much of that destruction is possible when you are playing offline? didn't forza 5 also tout some cloud based features

killer app can't be cloud based gaming, our net connection in usa is much slower Tha other countries.

I for one am super excited for crackdown series, finally Microsoft is treating it like a true AAA game. first one was a lot of fun, 2nd one was ok. I rally hope for crackdown3 we get more Than one cutscene like we did for crackdown 2

this is what I don't get, if this thing catches on sony will jump on board. why can't we accept the fact both Sony and Ms take what other is doing well and implement it into their systems

ms started Xbox one Sony started psn
Sony went a step further with psn plus free game
ms took notice and made changes

if it wasn't for Sony we would be absolutely stuck with a drm filled Xbox one. no used games, must check in every 24 hours etc,

when Phil spencer can send shout out to Sony and it's developers

when shu yushida calls Microsoft's hollow tech awesomeTha why do we fans of each consoles hate on anything

IMO competition is a healthy thing

KionicWarlord2221792d ago

"yes crackdown 3 looks awesome but how much of that destruction is possible when you are playing offline? didn't forza 5 also tout some cloud based features"

Crackdown 3 destruction is only in the multiplayer so you dont gotta worry if your offline or not.

Forza 5 uses drivatars and it was a big addition to the forza series as a whole and delivered what they advertised.

AutoCad1792d ago

You only need a 2-4mb connection to use cloud feature on crackdown...

spicelicka1792d ago

You realize that no one brought up Sony right? At this point in time it's Xbox's killer app and they've showed in action, with a game utilizing it next year.

I don't know why you had to bring Sony it, when they announce something like this we'll talk about it. For now it's about Xbox.

deadpoolio3161792d ago

Its far from a killer app..It ONLY works in MP in Crackdown 3, meaning they still haven't decided to go all in and use it for the SP portions of a game....Its a killer app when it works entirely across a whole game not just portions....Which they wont, they would have to leave those servers running forever otherwise people would lose massive chunks of the "experience"

I also don't give a crap what they say or claim about the 2-4mb connection, having degrees in networking there are massive differences between a closed dedicated connection, and implementing something into the real world. It will be interesting to see it actually working not videos of game footage

4Sh0w1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

"Its far from a killer app..It ONLY works in MP in Crackdown 3"

-So who died and made you King for a day to decide that a "killer app" is only possible if its for many now MP is a very important part of games, many value it just as much or more than SP for some games because thats where alot of people will spend *hundreds of hrs playing.

"I also don't give a crap what they say or claim about the 2-4mb connection"

-Well frankly I dont give a crap about what YOU say; I dont necessarily take Dave Jones word as gospel but he said the 2-4mb connection was target they are optimizing for. We know his resume, plus he's the guy thats been working hard for 2yrs on Crackdown3, then came out and showed a impressive demo at Gamescom; all I know about you is you are a guy on n4g screaming whats NOT possible because of your networking degree's, pfft I work folks who have networking and other tech degrees that dont know shiii, not saying you specifically but having a degree and actually doing something impressive are 2 very different things...yeah I think I'll at least go with Dave Jones until he's proven a wrong.

OldDude1792d ago

Sony doesn't have the money to build a system like Azure and Gaikai couldn't hold Azure's lunchbox.

If Sony started right now to build a system like this (Only Google and Amazon have something comparable), it would take them years to get it off the ground.

lemoncake1792d ago

Yep, even if Sony had the billions of dollars to do it the time it would take would be years from now. This isn't just about getting a few servers and slapping them into a room, it takes years of planning, buying up land globally and building structures before you are even at that point. It is no small task and sonys infrastructure just isn't at that point yet.

Rookie_Monster1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )


"Everyone realizes that Sony could do this as well if they wanted to, right? They bought the Gaikai Cloud service after all."

Bro, Sony doesn't even let everyone with a PSN account to have access to cloud saves and PSN subscribers are limited to 1gb. That in itself is all you need to know if why it won't be happening on PS4 for a long time, if ever. Sony would never built or rent enough servers to do what MS can do at this point as well if they would cheap out even foe their paid subscribers on online storage space.

GAIKAI and Onlive are just streaming SaaS type of service like Netflix and are not task to do what the PaaS of Cloud infrastructure like Azure is able to do. NOT all cloud is the same or able to perform the same function.

That also didn'tput in the fact MS spent years of R&D, money to built it to work with their systems. It is not as simple as Sony just one day wake up, and decided to do it.

Brotard1792d ago

I think Sony has bigger plans for cloud than psnow. Cause the gaiki purchase was pricey. I just don't think we know them quite yet. Innovation drives innovation, we will see how this all plays out. It's exciting no matter what side you are on.

maniacmayhem1792d ago

Sony can now do this all of a sudden?

Pogmathoin1792d ago

Sony using the cloud to rent you games you already own... Right now, Sony may just sit back and wait, see how it works for MS. They are selling great, no need to take risks yet, they have that luxury.

mhunterjr1792d ago

Sure technicality Sony can do it... But financially, logistically.... Probably not... Also, there's the fact that they AREN'T doing it, which makes your point moot..

fanboysmackdown1792d ago

Gaikai is only for streaming and Azure is for computing, huge difference and MS had over 30,000 servers I believe with the launch of X1 and Sony doesn't have anything close. MS has spent billions on their computing cloud service and Sony has spent a few hundred million so MS definitely has a big edge. Should be interesting in the near future to see if MS delivers on their cloud promise. I want a new Mech Assault game to really see the power of that service, that would be awesome.

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Psychotica1792d ago

Sounds really cool, my only worry is will it still be there 3 or 4 years from now or will they just turn it off whenever they want..

Bzone241792d ago

That's the worry with any multiplayer portion of a game. Not just this one.

DeadlyOreo1792d ago

Another day another hundred identical Crackdown articles haha.

Kiwi661792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

You don't have to read them besides the tech is something that could change gaming so why not talk about it and it makes a change from seeing loads of DC articles

beans1790d ago

Exactly, it's like everybody is trying to ignore this entire topic. I honestly see everything different now and could care less about sales. Cloud is the future and really does show how next gen X1 really is. People are going crazy buying ps4 on the promise of power yet the real power is with x1. Surely people are not this naive. Maybe after CD3 the ones that totally doubt X1 will see the light and that goes for devlopers as well.

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