Cliff Bleszinski Mocks Nintendo Following Sacking Of Employee; Would Never Work For Nintendo

Yesterday word got around that Nintendo employee Chris Pranger got fired for appearing in a Podcast last week. On Twitter Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski mocks Nintendo for their decision and adds that he would never ever work for the Japanese company.

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DarkBlood1629d ago

Well this is only going to explode all over the net now

VER1ON1629d ago

Probably will, just like the last time when Cliff mocked Big N for their Mobile games announcement. He does have a point though. Firing someone like this is overreacted. The podcast wasn't that controversial. I understand NIntendo's policy but this just makes them look like bullies.

DarkBlood1629d ago

I guess this was a deterrent for thier other employees not to get any bright ideas this being the only sure fire consequence they can do.

Septic1629d ago

What exactly was Pranger talking about in the podcast that landed him in such trouble?

I really feel sorry for the guy. :(

VER1ON1629d ago


Pranger talked about Nintendo's localisation of niche games. THe podcast wasn't really controversial but I guess Nintendo wanted to set an example for 'breaching' NDA

MrSwankSinatra1629d ago

@Septic I think what got that guy fired isn't because of what he said, but more how he said it.

The saying goes "customer is always right" but in prangers case he pretty much implied that they aren't right and well since Nintendo does not need anymore bad press at this point especially after E3, they just decided to fire the guy.

1629d ago
pompombrum1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Doesn't just make them look like bullies but once again confirms many of the haters suspicions of just how out of touch they are in modern gaming. I don't follow Nintendo so don't know the podcast nor Pranger but they should be rewarding their employees for going on podcasts not firing them.. not sure just how bad of an NDA violation he committed but firing him over it seems beyond excessive especially for a company that supposedly takes pride in it's friendly image.

donthate1629d ago

I think unfortunately, Nintendo is in the right. The policy is clear, and Pranger decided to break the rules.

Nintendo has many odd policies, but disagreeing with them is one thing, but to defy them is another.

If you disagree to the point that you would work against it, you better leave.

I don't agree with Nintendo with this policy, but examples do need to be made that company policy is exactly that.

uRaDecepticon1629d ago

Kinda off topic but doesn't the Nintendo guy look just like the a**hole boss from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? And if you agree; isn't the irony profoundly uncanney?

Captain_TomAN941629d ago

Well I guess we all know now if Nintendo will finally change there ways and use a business model that works - answer is no and anyone who disagrees apparently can GTFO!

Utalkin2me1628d ago

Well it is his own fault for not following the rules and policies employed by Nintendo. Dont like their rules and policies? Then find a different job.

kupomogli1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )


Except that Chris Pranger doesn't sound like a Japanese name.

The Japanese are notorious for their racism against others outside of their own, so I think there's different rules for someone who isn't a fellow Japanese.

This is a generalization as obviously not every Japanese is going to be racist, like any other race, but it's fairly well known that a certain majority of them are.

ABizzel11628d ago


I don't think anyone is saying Nintendo is wrong. He broke his NDA so they had every legal right to fire him. It's just the punishment didn't fit the crime, and at worse he should have been suspended without pay and received a write-up, not fired.

Nothing he said was defamatory about Nintendo in any way, and all he said was games that they think will sell poorly in NA / EU aren't likely to be localized, and that's obvious. I think what really got him into trouble was speaking about Sakurai as a developer, which again wasn't bad. He simply said he takes his work to the extreme, and if he feels it's not good enough he can get depressed (we already know JP has a high suicide rate, because people feel failure is death worthy), but he goes on to say is an incredible developer and a great gamer as well.

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VER1ON1629d ago

Could well be its merely to set an example indeed, but still its harsh. The facebook post from the former employee is sorta touching.

Jayszen1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Nintendo fired an employee for what they consider are legitimate reasons. Who is Blezinski to judge? As regards not working for Nintendo, he is arrogant enough to think that they would want him in the first place!

Many think Nintendo has over-reacted or are bullies but the company policy is there for a reason and the employee knew of it but still chose to do what he did. He cannot cry 'foul' now and neither should anyone else on his behalf. The employee is contrite now but situation could have been avoided with a bit of professional judgement on his part. As for Bleszinski - all hot air these days.

1628d ago
3-4-51628d ago

* Rules are rules.

The only people complaining are those types that don't want to follow rules and do whatever they want.

* Smart human beings, regardless of race,sex, religion understand these things.

People who aren't smart, don't understand these things.

It's basic simple stuff that most of us understood since we were 5 years old.

It'd not about what YOU want all the time. This isn't YOUR world.

It's OUR world, and sometimes things are as they are, you need to abide by them.

I can't stand all these whiny people who think that if they complain enough they get their way and don't have to follow the rules.

Then gives some sob story....

Man needs to grow up and act like an adult and take responsibility for his actions.

Nintendo did the right thing, and I would expect Sony & Microsoft to do the exact same.

* Companies hold their employees to a higher standard, not a lower standard.

I have no sympathy for this man. You don't do that.

You just don't do what he did.

99% of us would have been fired from our jobs as well for doing something similar.

He got what he deserved.

The Rules are the rules.....For EVERYONE.

OhMyGandhi1628d ago

Nice. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your head down. Don't question authority. Be grateful. Be Happy.


pompombrum1628d ago

^^^ Pretty much what I was thinking. Great example of a well trained sheep.

FBNS1628d ago

Bubble for Rusted.

Saying it like it is.

RedTriangle531628d ago


DarkKaine1628d ago

Do what?
Telling everyone that Nintendo still is bringing Japanese games to us even when they're niche and not profitable?
Telling everyone Sakurai is a real workhorse and does everything he can to please his fans?

If anything, he said only good stuff about Nintendo in my book. Sure there's NDA and all that crap but I actually liked hearing how it's like inside Nintendo for once. He did not deserve to get fired and Nintendo keeps doing dumb shit like this despite pissing off millions of fans (myself included) when they do something like this or announce garbage projects like fucking happy home designer.

3-4-51628d ago

uhh what?

We don't have to be robots, but the rules exist for a reason.

Any arrogant person can go say whatever they want, but sometimes it's wiser not too.

He learned this lesson the hard way.

2+2= 4 ....are you delusional ?

2+2= 4 IS the rule.

Breaking it would be 2+2=5....

You get that right ?

3-4-51628d ago

You don't go doing whatever you want want saying whatever you want when you work for a represent a company.

It's not really what he said, but the fact that he did it without thinking it through or asking.

That shows lack of judgement, and looks bad on his behalf.

Also factor in the culture of Japan being different, and you get the result.

2+2=4 Is the rule

2+2=5 would be breaking the rule.

ChristopherJack1628d ago

Going to assume you're an American, the kind of American that voted for George W. Bush...

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OhMyGandhi1628d ago

So, Nintendo has become North Korea.

showtimefolks1628d ago

this just shows why Nintendo will never or Atleast anytie, soon be able to compete with xbox or Playstation brands. I mean come on Nintendo join us in year 2015 please

so much money to be made by keep making same mistakes with home consoles again and again. IF I was running Nintendo I would just make a bluray based super Nintendo 2 and watch how it sells

at launch a brand new Mario games
at launch a new metroid games
at launch have past Zelda games be totally remakes

hire a lot of talented developers to make sure our games can be made quicker

rally get in touch with 3rd parties and get their feedback on what we need to do to get their support

than launch a $399 console that's more powerful than both Xbox one and ps4, even if we have to sell it at a loss. and I don't mean just one percent better I meant Atleast 25% more powerful

have a online system like psn and Xbox live but make it free and make it at least on par with both psn and Xbox live.

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italiangamer1629d ago

Obviously he won't work for Nintendo, he isn't good enough for them. Cliff shut your mouth please, you are one of the most overrated game developers ever. He basically made Gears of War copying from Resident Evil 4 and Kill Switch and then he fell into oblivion. People only remember him when he talks shit about someone else.

1629d ago Replies(1)
Paytaa1629d ago

You mad because Cliffy says it like it is? He's also done more than just Gears too. He may come off like a cocky SOB but most of the time a lot of what he says makes sense.

eddieistheillest1629d ago

Just like people will remember you for talking S**t on n4g ? lol

DragonKnight1629d ago

I agree that Cliffy is overrated. He also talks almost as much as Jaffe and should really shut up because he hasn't done much in years except back Oculus and yet people still listen to him like he's relevant.

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Relientk771629d ago

I couldn't see Cliff working for Nintendo like at all lol

Mystogan1629d ago

It's like trying to mix oil and water lol

ZaWarudo1629d ago

Here's what Chris Pranger had to say, it's pretty heartwrenching.

“Hello friends and family. As many of you have probably seen, I am no longer at Nintendo. I was terminated this week due to a podcast appearance I made last Monday. It was a stupid judgment call on my part and ultimately it cost me far more than I could have imagined.”

“I spent the last week in a miserable place once the podcast began getting coverage. I was instantly scared when a coworker poked me and said, ‘Hey, you’re on GoNintendo.’ Suddenly article after article began appearing in game sites of all languages. Comments sections painted me as an idiot and the like. My Twitter started giving me hourly reminders from people meaning well and otherwise. It seemed unthinkable that I’d be let go for a single moment of poor judgment and my own misunderstandings, but here we are.”

“I look around my house and see images of my son and feel such intense shame and crippling sadness. I know that if I can’t find a job at least as good as this one, I won’t be able to provide for my family. I’ve lost them their health coverage and their security. I also know that I’ve probably lost a good deal of my friends, just because I know how hard it can be to stay in touch with someone when the convenience of proximity is lost. I’m so sorry to everyone. I’ve failed you. You believed in me and supported me and trusted me and I’ve failed you. I’ve failed me.”

VER1ON1629d ago

“I look around my house and see images of my son and feel such intense shame and crippling sadness. I know that if I can’t find a job at least as good as this one, I won’t be able to provide for my family. I’ve lost them their health coverage and their security"

Man thats touching for sure

Paytaa1629d ago

He's human. I don't get why for one little mishap he had to lose a great job. Hope everything works out for him in the end.

remixx1161629d ago

Damn Nintendo please give the guy a second chance, I'm sure he deserves at least that.

joeorc1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

While I agree, but as a person who has signed non competes, and NDA's myself breaching those any one of them is a terminated employment action, even if you really did not mean too.

I'm sure that after some time when his non compete and NDA fully runs out some firm can pick him up. But at this point he most likely better off starting his own small game development studio and publishing arm.

He would have to adhere to the limits of the NDA and Non compete until those run 3 to 5 years , but at least he. Is far from blackballed from this industry which short term yeah it sucks to be in that position.

At least he can get the company going get some demos out to show off as pitched IP and have those ready to go in 5 years. Working for free sucks but at least he would be his own Boss.

joeorc1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Lmao , so I get disagrees for what I said?

The people phantom's I doubt has worked in this industry a day in their life because if they did, they would know what I stated is Infact 100% true! But good for phantom's an their disagree's please continue..

@dragonddark what i said was not aimed at you, unless you disagreed with me, if so why. It was to reply to those phantom's that cannot stand by their disagree instead of joining the conversation.

TwoForce1629d ago

Why Nintendo why ? What are you doing, Nintendo?

Aceman181629d ago

Stupid call Nintendo stupid a$$ call. Their execs are so far behind the times. I hope one of the other two companies can give him a job.

mikel10151629d ago

Hopefully he realizes because of that facebook post, he probably will never get another job with another big game company

vickers5001628d ago

Yeah, screw Nintendo, last straw for me. Just gonna buy all their games used from now on. They could have just punished the guy, they didnt have to destroy his livelihood. Sure, Nintendo in the right legally, but morally, well they can go f themselves. Rules are rules, sure, but you dont have to be a fng robot about them. Far as I'm concerned, theyre nothing but a bunch of corporate suits, really no better than any of the other big crappy game companies.

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MrSwankSinatra1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I don't think Nintendo would want a talent-less hack like Cliff Bleszinski.

VER1ON1629d ago

The guy made his first non-commercial title by the age of 11, commercial game at the age of 17. I wouldn't see talent-less but his recent work dissapoints me personally.

MrSwankSinatra1629d ago

Sorry, but I don't find anything enamoring about Cliff Bleszinski. So he made a game at 11? Big deal, he made crap games then and he makes crap games now.

fullmetal2971629d ago


To even think about programming at such an early age and in the 1980's is a rather impressive feat.

wakeNbake1629d ago

He makes better games than any single dev in Nintendo, besides Miyamoto anyways.

The 10th Rider1629d ago

Most review sites beg to differ. Go look at Metacritic, sorted by highest rated on all platforms and tell me how many Nintendo games you find before you find one by Cliff Bleszinski.

The 10th Rider1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Haha, the trolls are out in full force today. Honestly, Nintendo may not quite be what they once were, but you can't deny they have made some great games. I counted 8, by the way, above Gears of War on Metacritic.

Baka-akaB1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

People will forget eventually about Gears of War eventually like many franchises from any platform , if left unattended and without sequels some day .

Nintendo may screw up quite a bit in my book , but they've got definitive classics , in spades and fro all eras of console gaming , that will always be hall of fame titles

SUCKxITxEZ1629d ago

@The 10th Rider

I looked at metacritic and in the last 20 years Nintendo has 10 1st party games ranked above gears, half of which where directed or designed by Miyamoto, so sorry but wakeNbake is kinda right. Miyamoto is basically the only guy at Nintendo that can make a game better than cliffy b. For the record I didn't include any of the Rare games, considering Microsoft owns Rare and they where a 3rd party company when working for Nintendo.

The 10th Rider1629d ago


Oh, he definitely had a role in a lot of them. But he wasn't the lead designer in quite a few of those. He wasn't the director of Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2, he had nothing to do with Metroid Prime, by the time Wind Waker and Twilight Princess rolled around Aunoma was directing Zelda...Just .1 below Cliff's highest rated title you've got Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Paper Mario and Skyward Sword. All of which are recent and after Miyamoto's taken steps back to reduce his involvement in them.

Miyamoto is definitely involved with a lot of the projects, but he is by no means the sole developer of them. To make a blanket statement like "He makes better games than any single dev in Nintendo" is ridiculous, to say the least.

Baka-akaB1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

" Miyamoto is basically the only guy at Nintendo that can make a game better than cliffy b"

Except you'd still be wrong about that , even circa gamecube.

Aonuma has been pretty much in charge of Zelda for a while now .

Sakurai is Smash bros ... Retro games= Metroid Prime , past Metroid werent even from Miyamoto .

Koizumi was the lead director for Mario Sunshine and Galaxy .

He obviously doesnt direct pokemon etc etc

Aside from pet projects of his own like Pikmin , Wii Spoorts , WIi Music , Super Mario 3D land or World... he has been either just been a figurehead , or in a supervisor and advisor capacity on many cult titles

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CrowbaitBob1629d ago

@ MrSwankSinatra

The first three words in your comment explain a lot.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1629d ago

Fact is you'll never achieve anything he has. How you like those apples? If he's not talented then I don't even know what to call you hahaha the dead? The unfortunate?

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