Unlock very high quality streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PC with these hidden settings

The game streaming from Xbox One to PC is the best feature of Windows 10. But if you think that streaming quality needs to be improved, you are in the right place. A Reddit user named OomaThurman has uncovered a way to unlock very high quality streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PC.

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xfiles20991623d ago

It still does not look very good it looks better on my tv.

NinjaNick1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Um, it's SUPPOSED to look better on your tv.. The streaming setting is called "Very High", and not "Perfect"..

So as long as it's a step below your tv, then yes, that would be "Very High"and should look very good..

SquidBuck1623d ago

What's the point of streaming unless it's on a laptop when you're away from home.

NinjaNick1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Squid - maybe you'd like to game on your multi-monitor setup in between doing spreadsheets, maybe your significant other is watching some dumb woman show on the tv where your xbox is, maybe you'd like to use different dvr programs on your pc to record and edit your gameplay..

ShowanW1622d ago

@SquidBuck, do u have kids?
My kids love to watch some shows that just flat out bore the crap out of me.

Guess what I do now, I watch the show for the first few minutes, then I'm opening up the laptop and gaming the rest of the time.

Win win for everyone...
And when the turn to something more tolerable, I kill the stream and watch a show with them.

Also, when I'm goofing off before bed, nothing like playing a smaller arcade/indie game...

xfiles20991622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Look i understand but when I stream from Xbox to PC the colors are not as vibrant it does not look 1080p on my monitor and I have a 1080p monitor. The picture is dark and blury at. I would expect it to be the same colors as my TV but There streaming is not good to me

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thisgamer5031622d ago

I'm starting to notice a trend. It seems like Sony fans are either jealous of the feature, or they're a bunch of single, lonely losers where their TV is available at all times with no woman/man/child EVER wanting the TV at the same time they want to play a game. Makes sense why they have so much time to post all their nonsense here.