PES 2016 Demo - Everything you need to know

MWEB GameZone writes: "PES 2016 demo: File sizes, stadiums, teams and lots more detailed. Experience the many gameplay elements that make PES such a realistic football game."

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HoldenZA1629d ago

I have a soft spot in my heart for the PES series. PES 6 was my favourite of all time.

The demo is looking very sexy and I think I need to give it a bash again.

Cra2yey31628d ago

After playing the demo, the graphics on the players are incredibly nice but i cant help but give the gameplay to fifa.

voodoochild3461628d ago

How can fifa be more real if it ignores a third of the field for the sake of spamming through balls until they work? Every time people make this statement it screams fanboy. If you like fifa better. Fine If you hate option files. Fine. If you just like more arcadey gameplay. Fine. But don't lie and act like it's more realistic.

HxCGamer1628d ago

You are disagreeing with his opinion and giving your opinion as fact though...

That's just not how you make a proper argument

theshredded1628d ago

7 teams?! plus u could change the time, now that's a meaty demo.

Crazywhitie1628d ago

PES Feels some much more Real then FIFA.. FIFA is a fun Arcade Style play.. But Looks and Realism goes to PES

Shazz1628d ago

im really impressed with pes this year , ball feels nice and heavy and shots are great