Treyarch adds 'Mute all except Party' setting to Black Ops 3, saves lives

GearNuke writes: "If you’ve ever played a Call of Duty game online, this announcement ought to make you jumpy out of your seat.:

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1619d ago Replies(2)
ZaWarudo1618d ago

didn't BO2 also have this?

MCTJim1618d ago

SO they brought back the mute all except party feature...awesome...but I am still not pre ordering or buying this game until I can get it used...I still have Ghosts and AW bad taste left.

FITgamer1618d ago

Wait until Black Friday. I got AW for $25 from GoHastings last year. Sold it in 3 months later, but i guess i got my $25 worth.

MCTJim1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I still own those games, but I have been extremely disappointed in the way the series has went. Especially in the last 2 incarnations. Too complex and not enough fun factor for me.

I'll just wait and buy it used..maybe that Black Friday deal wont be such a bad thing. My GameStop usually has used copies of the game in a week or so after release.

Chaosdreams1618d ago



Leader in the FPS market.

Mega241618d ago

I bet the next CoD will be a time traveling title. Some guys time travel to the American Revolution and you are sent behind them to stop them. Like that awful game that once came out, forgot the name.

On topic: Wish this was available in CoD 4 and BO1, would have saved me and my friends from racial slurs.

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