It's Too Bad PS4 And Vita Couldn't Be A Killer Combo

PlayStation 4 is doing exceedingly well this generation but the Vita has fallen off the map. Can you imagine if the handheld had been just as successful?

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PhoenixUp1625d ago

Sony could package some PSTVs with PS4 since that's a more reasonable offer than offering a handheld with the console.

Agent_00_Revan1625d ago

Some stores were doing this. Best Buy I think. That was a pretty good deal. I have 2 PSTVs. They work well. Just wish they had better support. But then again, with the exception of the games library, the PSTV gets the same support as the Vita. No much.

freshslicepizza1624d ago

i guess it's not viable to offer a ps4/vita combo for $499?

does vita allow you to save your games to the cloud which means you don't have to buy those expensive memory cards? or save it to your ps4 hard drive?

3-4-51625d ago

Disappointed I don't really like 80% of the Vita's Library but once I get a PS4, it makes my Vita that much more valuable, so I'm ok with it as it is.

Vita is awesome, library consists of too many "out there" RPG's with not enough "normal" RPG's to balance it out.

theXtReMe11625d ago

I dont understamd Sonys lack of enthusiasm about the Vita. Its still the most powerful handheld on the market. They need to get out and get some major third party support. Instead of lowering the price of the PS4, package in a Vita with every console at $399. Make a bunch of killer first party titles for it from proven franchises. It seems a perfect platform to breed and improve upon the Knack series. Get the entire Resistance collection ported, along with games like Ratchet & Clank and Crash. Poll companies like Namco to throw an Ace Combat on it, along with a new Ridge Racer.

The Vita still has a lot of life left, if Sony just stops being lazy with it. They could still turn it around and make it an important part of the Playstation family, along with the PS4 and Morpheus. The potential is there, it just has to be realized. What better way to do that and get the numbers of units sold to a level that interests third parties by packaging it in with every future PS4 sale. Push Remote Play and get an HDMI out on the Vita, with DS4 support, so gamers can take their PS4 games with them wherever they go and view them on any HDTV.

With a good push, the Vita could be the Cinderella story of the game world... or continue on its current path and go down as one of the biggest let downs of all time.

ABBAJESUS1625d ago

Vita in every PS4 package sold... That would be great!

psplova1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

The current state of the Vita boggles my mind. Especially after how successful and absolutely awesome the PSP was. It was my favorite gaming system last gen, by far, with all the cool things homebrew offered not to mention the TONS of games available. Sony has not only dropped the proverbial ball, they stomped on it and deflated it into complete red headed step child status. It's unbelievable to me. It would be a great bundle with the PS4 as one of the best features it offers is remote play. What's going on Sony?!

Agent_00_Revan1625d ago

Agreed. My PSP was a homebrew paradise. But with the lack of games I'd have interest in, amongst other things, I still dont own a Vita. Closest I have are PSTVs. Even then, I dont play many Vita games.

Clown_Syndr0me1625d ago

Sold my Vita yesterday. Had it 6 months and only ever played Persona.

WildArmed1625d ago

It already is a killer combo for me.

In the past month, I about 70% of the time I spent on my PS4 was via remote play.

Since I've gotten my vita, I've played Bloodborne, FF0, Destiny, dragon age and many more via remote play.

It's an amazing feature, and I wouldn't get as much time on my PS4 as I do now if it weren't for remote play.

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