Free Game Showdown: August 2015 - Whose Lineup is Better?

Paying for online gaming come with the perk of free games on consoles. Whose free stuff is best this month?

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uth111165d ago

This is the first month I've liked every game on PS+ (PS4 & Vita)

Digital_Anomaly1165d ago

For the most part, Sony has killed it over Microsoft when it comes to the monthly freebies. Still, I've gotten a lot of great games from GwG. Shouldn't complain either way because, you know, free games.


generalwinter1165d ago

PS4 is a better system but i find both consoles free games are meh usually. Lots of cheap "retro" (read: simple, unpolished) or platformer type deals

fulnattybrah1165d ago

Xbox is the better system. PS4 is a static system, xbox one is a scablable system that gets better and better every year.

SquidBuck1165d ago

Opinions man... They're both great

IamTylerDurden11165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

PS4 is more powerful with more potential.

PS4 has 1gb of flexible memory that developers have yet to use.

PS4 has 8gb of GDDR5 AND an Extra 2gb of drr3, 2:1 sales lead, 1080p 3rd party games, more/better games lined up for the imminent future, native VR coming, open your eyes.

Sony WINS. PlayStation plus gives more next-gen games than GwG and ps plus gives 2 more games every month than GwG.

PS Plus gets 6 games/month - GwG gets 4 games/month

This month PS Plus also got AAA game God of War Ascension & CastleStorm. Plus already got MGSV GZ, How to Survive has been dirt cheap on sale every wk.

fulnattybrah1165d ago

@IamTylerDurden lmao, the xbox one wih cloud processing is 20 time more powerful. that little 8gb of GDDR5 AND an Extra 2gb of drr3 is laughable, read the news bro

MasterCornholio1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

By scalable your talking about the upscaler right?

Well the PS4 also upscales games as well when it needs to. Most of the time it doesn't because it renders most games at 1080P. As for the Xbox One getting better every year do does the PS4.

Plus later on you mentioned that the cloud increases the XB1 teraflop count to 24TF. It doesn't really work that way.

"Read the news bro"

Content on Mr.Xs blog isn't considered news. The real news says something very different than what your saying. That interview with the Crackdown 3 developer explains really well what the cloud is capable of doing. Which isn't what your claiming that it does.

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AutoCad1165d ago

Well now that every 360 game being offered on GWG is backwards compatible with xbox one,really there is no competition.

Chaosdreams1165d ago

Thank you for clarifying how awesome the ps4 is.

ChronoJoe1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Except that PS+ already gives out more games on PS4 alone, and on top of that supports Vita too.

GWG is quite definitely, a lower value service. It's not bad though. I still download the games. Shame that a lot of them were previously free on Plus though, like this months ground zeros. I won't download that on my XBOX ONE, because I already have it from when it was free on PS4, and the PS4 version of the game looks a little nicer visually too.

StrayaKNT1165d ago

Exactly lol we get AAA titles now which is amazing. I get to play Witcher 2 and gears of war 3 which automatically destroys anything on ps plus for the past two years easily

SquidBuck1165d ago

Last gen games are better than new games every month. Hmm

IamTylerDurden11165d ago

Really? So u can play this months 360 GwG bc on xbone, right now? But but you said...

Funny how ppl tout bc but it hasn't even launched yet. A limited beta program w/23 games for xbox Preview members last i checked.

Cross-buy, cross-play, remote play, ps now have all been awesome for a long time.

The amount of games i have bc of ps plus is staggering, considering PlayStation was giving free LONG b4 xbox, considering PlayStation gets 2 more free games every month, considering we can vote on 1 of the games each month. Your right, NO comparison, Sony's PS Plus is much better.

AutoCad1165d ago

They said future games meaning next month 360 games most likely..
But why you getting so upset bro? it just free games lol..calm down

IamTylerDurden11164d ago

@ autocad

Your wrong, the bc program isn't launching in September either.

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ChronoJoe1165d ago

In there comparison, the PS4 lineup beats the XBOX ONEs, but their comparison neglects PS3, Vita and 360.

If you compare all platforms supported by the service, PS+ gives you almost double the value of games with gold. Unfortunately of course, you need to own all 3 Sony platforms to benefit from this.

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