Seriously: Why are my Xbox One cloud saves so [bleeped] up

Steve Wright -- "Before I get into this week’s Seriously, I will admit this: I sure do have #firstworldproblems.

"That said, I’m really struggling to play any of my Xbox One games across multiple consoles."

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TheGreatGamer1625d ago

Play on my cousins console and a friends and have ran into zero problems, saves transferred without any hiccups

Rimeskeem1625d ago

Thats cool, i have no problems as well. But me and you arent the 13 million people who own xbox ones.

OC_MurphysLaw1624d ago

I would venture to say the number of people actually having this issue is relatively small in the big scope of things ...hence why its not really an issue in the public eye of concern.

Godz Kastro1624d ago

I havent had 1 issue in regard to saved files. Even under the BC games. My saved filed from years ago are still present. First i hear about this.

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WowSoChill1624d ago

Been on Xbox One for a while now, played many Games on a few Consoles, i own 2 myself, no issues

3-4-51624d ago

Why save to the cloud if you have space available on HD ?

Makes no sense at all, to hoard your saves on an online ONLY space.

DeadManMMX1624d ago

it saves on both but you can literally go over anyones house sign in as yourself and play the game from where you left off. Its effortless and awesome.

deadpoolio3161624d ago

Ummmm its called in case something happens to your console...The same reason you back things from your PC up or make copies of photos....Things happen and this gives you an easily accessible back-up.

The exact same reason most people with common sense save a game at almost every save point, kind of a pain to have your power go out or something catastrophic and you lose all your progress

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Sureshot1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Wow that is f**ked up! I think the fact that very few people have two or more xboxs and use them to continue playing games where they left off between the two is part of the reason why Microsoft has yet to acknowledge and address the issue. It's probably mostly gaming journalists who find themselves in this predicament. Regardless Microsoft needs to fix this.
Personally playing between mine and my friends xbox, I've had no issues.

Question to Stevior: are all of your consoles in preview program? That could be why since preview is known is cause bugs as you know.

Kribwalker1624d ago

I have 2 Xbox ones and haven't had an issue going back and forth except once when the network was down, but that was understandable

MCTJim1624d ago

I have not run across this problem and I hope I never do.

Chanogram1624d ago

I own two consoles, and also play at friends' houses. The only time i've ever had issues pulling down my cloud saves when i start a game up is when XBL is having issues (not super often).

I know I don't represent all Xbox One owners, but as someone who has to sync saves frequently across consoles when i switch to a different one, felt i should share my experiences.

Sorry that the author is having problems. Hopefully it gets better.

Aenea1624d ago

Power of Da Cloudz man! Power of Da Cloudz! :p

Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Sucks when this sorta thing happens tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.