"It Was My Own Fault," Fired Nintendo Employee Says

"You believed in me and supported me and trusted me and I've failed you."

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mikel10151619d ago

I'll quote someone from Neogaf

"If you work for a major company, and you:

-Go on a public interview without permission.
-Air some of your company's less popular decisions and dirty laundry.
-Discuss internal decisions made at your company at length.
-Criticize some of your company's decisions and say that some aspects of a current product were a mistake.
-Mock some of your company's most enthusiastic customers in a stereotypical dumb-guy voice.

Obviously, obviously, you're going to get fired."

Erik73571618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Yea its never a good idea to do any of that

donthate1618d ago

Just going against company policy is enough to get you fired even if you disagree with it.

So make sure you agree with the policy before starting work there, or expect this outcome.

I respect the fired guy at least to admit it is his own fault, no matter how stupid the policy is.

ABizzel11618d ago


It wasn't nearly that bad, and at worst he should have been temporarily suspended or wrote-up, not fired.

I agree this was his own fault completely, and he should have kept quite on some of his points, because he went on to blab too much, but nothing was worth losing his job over.

He didn't leak their 2016 line-up, tell what the NX is, or leak Nintendo's financial and private emails.

He gave insight into why games don't get localized (which anyone of intelligence already assumed), how Sakari is as a developer (what I think got him fired), and his thoughts on Wii U and their games (all of which was pretty much positive).

Yes he's being the bigger person and admitting fault, but this was a complete overreaction on Nintendo's part, and now it's bringing them unnecessary negative media attention that they already don't need, and goes against what Iwata's image of being for the employees. He was justly fired for breaking his NDA, but this was wrong of Nintendo no matter how I look at it, and I have to agree with Cliffy on this. I would never want to work at a place where my opinion is considered terms for termination.

mikel10151618d ago

You must not know how any company works. NDA is clean cut and straight. You break it, you're fired. No one is entitled to anything. And guess what, this isn't the first time he said anything stupid. He went on a podcast back in 2014 and did the same exact thing. So that probably means Nintendo already gave him a warning but he was dumb enough to do it, not only once but twice. So all in all he just didn't care.

ABizzel11617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I hate when people try to act like they're top management at a huge corporation in these comments, and try to correct me as if I don't know what I'm talking about.

You don't know what you're talking about, because breaking a NDA does not require immediate termination. That decision is up to the employer, and there are MANY public cases of this happening by accident or even cluelessly spilling the beans, and at worse employees have been suspended and written-up.

Nintendo took it to the extreme and fired him, which was once again IMO unnecessary considering nothing he said was defamatory about Nintendo as a company or their business practices, he praised Nintendo pretty much 99% of the entire conversation, and said how happy and lucky he was to work for a company he's loved so long, and they fire him.

If this was his second time (I looked for another incident, but couldn't find anything from 2014) then once again as I said earlier Nintendo were just in firing him, but still it was an extreme action for something that wasn't defamatory to the company, NDA or not.

It's another example of meeting your childhood icons, then growing up and seeing they're Grade A @$$holes. Nintendo just allowed themselves to be put in that position. They already have too many problems in the media right now considering the Wii U, they don't need rumors flying around that it's a bad work environment and speaking your mind will get you fired (which I'm sure happens in JP, considering the culture there highly regards respect of superiors.....)

garrettbobbyferguson1617d ago


You break NDA, you're liable for termination. That is not extreme. He wasn't fired for his opinion. He was fired for most likely breaking his contract. If this is how you react to someone doing something like this I truly would never hire you at my company if I were a hiring manager.

You hate when people like to act like they're top management? You're doing the same thing, trying to act like top management and telling a company its internal procedures are wrong. Does it suck that the guy lost his dream job? Yes. But making choices come with consequences, positive and negative. This time it was unfortunately negative.

NintendoSonyfan1616d ago

I agree that he should not have been fired, but at the same time this is a very real possibility when you work for a large company and say things like this without permission. Although a lot of what he said could be looked past I think a couple things he said were negative. Like saying Xenoblade has no chance of selling well enough to warrant the localization. Although he is probably correct, he is basically calling out one of the biggest games Nintendo has coming out this year. His comments sure won't help the sales at all if others think "Well there won't be a huge audience so I may as well skip it." Granted you should buy a game based on your preference but there are those who will skip it simply due to something like this. And when he called out people who ask why Nintendo hates money, although he again was right, he did not do it in the best way. Rather than taking a shot at those people in a mocking way he could have just said something like "When we look at the numbers sometimes we find there is not enough demand for it," or something.

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AndrewLB1617d ago

He's actually quite typical of "generation selfie". What amazes me is how narcissistic young people have become and how anyone in their right mind would completely ignore company policy and believe he's better suited to speak about the company than their PR/Marketing department. I guess this is a product of a culture where everyone gets a trophy, grades are increased because of "effort", and people with clear mental illness like *cough* Bruce Jenner *cough* are held up as some sort of hero because he thinks he's a woman.

garrettbobbyferguson1617d ago

You forgot

-break the terms of your contract, primarily any NDAs

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AtomHeart6231619d ago

I disagree with these "rules" if you are telling the truth there should be no consequences for that. I understand if someone from a company leaks footage of an unreleased game that is grounds for firing because it compromises a secret that isn't supposed to be exposed yet, but everyday people are made scapegoats due to poor decisions by CEOs, but when someone calls attention to their mistakes it's instant firing. How can a company improve and expand of mistakes aren't owned up to and then fixed? I take Microsoft for instance; it's no secret that in the beginning of the Xbox one's life cycle there were mistakes made i.e. Kinnect, but the company owned those early mistakes and have been improving everyday since then. The truth is the truth regardless of whose toes get stepped on.

Metallox1619d ago

Nintendo can solve their issues when they start to hear our demands, or they'll go brankruptcy eventually if they keep doing the things they think are better for us, the consumers. Microsoft did the first and now Xbox One is selling quite good, better than last year.

Sometimes understanding the market can help you out a lot.

Secondly, Pranger agreed in a contract to not divulgue confidential information. And he did, so Nintendo has the right to end the relationship.

And of course I think Nintendo is wrong. It should satisfy the demand of both traditional and casual markets alike, but things work like this.

Now, on the other hand, Pranger also commented this on Facebook: "I know that if I can’t find a job at least as good as this one, I won’t be able to provide for my family I’ve lost them their health coverage and their security."

That's the sad part of the story. I hope he finds a job where he can find economic stability again.

Sureshot1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

You can't "improve and expand" as a company if your employees aren't loyal.
The only only time I think it's okay is if they're holding out on your pay or undertaking illegal activities(including infringing on workers rights). Other than that, shut up, do your job or leave.

AtomHeart6231618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Telling the truth doesn't necessarily mean you're being disloyal. A good company listens to its employees since their the lifeblood of the company. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying; certain things shouldn't be discussed with the media, but if your goal is to call attention to company mistakes so that they can be corrected and make the company and the product better I have no problem with that. Nintendo has made mistake after mistake after mistake which is why they can't compete with the other big two and until they take a long hard look at what their doing wrong it will remain that way.

Sureshot1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

"but if your goal is to call attention to company mistakes so that they can be corrected and make the company and the product better I have no problem with that."
You'd do that by making suggestions WITHIN the business not by talking to the media and really pissing off the people signing your pay cheques. And again if things don't change and you are unhappy you can always resign.
But in a perfect world you'd be absolutely right!

Whymii1618d ago

Who do you work for? No employer I've worked for or know of would put your idea of truth above loyalty. In a perfect world maybe, but not this one.

freshslicepizza1618d ago

you still don't go public while you work there. you are a representative of the company and depending on your status at that company what you say can have huge implications.

the only way nintendo is going to change is money, or lack thereof. when consumers stop supporting them they will have no other choice than to change.

i would love to read or see and honest opinion of what it is truly like working at nintendo but you will never get that from anyone while they are still employed there.

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S2Killinit1618d ago

Cliffy Blizenski is probably hiding somewhere.

juggulator1618d ago

I wonder if this dude realizes he's actually been fired,is not getting his job back, and can officially stop kissing Nintendos @$$ now.

Summons751618d ago

He certainly wasn't during the interview. At most I see this as him owning his mistakes. He's the one who broke company policies and divulged information without permission and got what he deserved. Even though he is super immature and will never have a job in the gaming industry again and least he is being mature and admitting he F'd up when most people who go on a tangent about how it was wrong to have been fired. All employers are like this, when I was younger (and more stupid, high school working kid) I got suspended for talking sh** about the manager because he was stupid but I was too. It was outside of work but I learned real quick to be careful who I vented too after that.

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