The Resident Evil 2 Remake and 5 Other Video Game Remakes We’d Like to See

"While we're still receiving remastered editions of relatively new titles, there are many classic games that have yet to receive hi-def makeovers that absolutely deserve it, and unlike many other old-school games they would still hold up today if they received a visual overhaul."

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miyamoto1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Streets of Rage 2 by Yuzo Koshuro - the return of high quality beat'em up genre

FF6 - fantastic story telling epic of of epic proportions that take you to the Medieval Age where you can suplex a speeding train!

Chrono Trigger - intense active time Dragon Ball Z type action RPG!

Super Metroid

Gunstar Heroes!


Symphony of the Night

Metal Gear Solid PSOne

Dino Freakin' Crisis 1 & 2! Regina I love you.

Panzer Dragoon Saga - the most sought after expensive retro game today!

Super Shinobi by Yuzo Koshiro OMG!

Actraiser by Enix and Yuzo Koshiro Remake

POWER STONE 2 by Capcom

Silent Hill - one of the best intros ever made.

Phantasy Star 4 - come on Sega

Crash Team Racing by Naughty Dog

Shining Force!

Mega Man Legends

Relive the awesomeness of these games! Remakes Remakes

forkymental1621d ago

A remake of Xenogears would be great. Especially for what happens during the second disk. They could flesh out what they weren't able to do back then due to time constraints. That remake would make one of gaming's most epic stories even better

_-EDMIX-_1621d ago

"Metal Gear Solid PSOne" Was already remade as Twin Snakes for Gamecube. Unless you mean another remake or something.

"Dino Freakin' Crisis 1 & 2! Regina I love you." lol, agreed. I'm playing 1 right now on PS3, got both on sale for pretty cheap. I want a damn remake ala RE2002 and a damn reboot of that series.

I mean..I love Horizon Zero Dawn and all, but Dino Crisis was the first go HAM ON DINOSAURS! lol

Would love to see a Xenogears remake!

I would actually also want to see a Xenosaga HD remastering of the PS2 games. Loved them and the Tekken and Soul Calibur producer was stating he would love to be a part of it if Namco ok'ed it.

Loving that whole list.

let me add,

Parasite Eve 1 and 2

Onimusha series HD remaster or a full remake of Onimusha 1.

Killer 7 remake

cfc781622d ago

With Capcom remastering Resident Evil and now a remake for Resi 2 and hopefully continuing with Resi 3 and all being well with the game/games id certainly like to see Dino Crisis get the same treatment and bring the franchise back to life.

gantarat1621d ago

i hope capcom make new dino crisis gamae .

Jurassic World just beat MI:Rogue Nation in japan.


richmoral1621d ago

Fatal Frame games or at least don't HD releases. To bad Nintendo owns Fatal Frame now.

D and D2 (remember playing these on the origialn Playstation or maybe it was Sega Dreamcast)

Blue Stinger (cheesy game on Dreamcast)

Lunar series

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross


Battle Arena Toshiden

Star Ocean series

Tales of series

Vigilante 8

Dragon's Liar

Brain Dead 13

_-EDMIX-_1621d ago

"Fatal Frame games or at least don't HD releases. To bad Nintendo owns Fatal Frame now."

That could still happen, Nintendo doesn't own the IP, or better yet they don't own the whole thing.

Namco released Fatal Frame 1-3 on PSN after that deal too.

ie they don't seem to own enough of it to clearly stop the series from going else where.

I don't think their co-ownership deal will actually hurt that from happening as it didn't stop them from coming to PS3.

If Tecmo did a PS4 remake of Fatal Frame....I would just faint!!!

"Blue Stinger (cheesy game on Dreamcast)"

Agreed..good call. Speaking about Dreamcast games, would love to see Shenmue I and II get a HD remaster by Sega with them seeing Shenmue 3 in development and all.

Would want a full on remake...but I mean, beggars can't be choosers, we are trying to take what we can get lol

richmoral1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Wow someone else who remembers Blue Stinger awesome. OK I didn't know the specifics of the Fatal Frame series. I just recall seeing Fatal Frame 2 I believe it was, whichever one was subtitled Crimson Butterfly, on the original xbox. Renting it and not being good at it. Reminded me of Resident Evil with Ghosts instead of Zombies and with a Camera instead of a Guns as a weapon. I recall getting stuck very early in the game. But have always wanted to go back and play them. I just know the last one was for Wii and only released in Japan. And the lateast one is coming for Wii U. Both systems I don't like. Ideally I'd like all these on Xbox One since I already have one. Yeah I would like Shenmue, Shenmue II, and Shenmue 3 as well.

darkvenom1621d ago

Onimusha 1,2,and 3, and resident evil outbreak 1 and 2.

DarkSniper1621d ago

That is a very good list of games that are absolutely long overdue for a return. One game that Dark Sniper would specifically like to thrown into the mix is Twisted Metal 2.

David Jaffe's virtuoso performance and grand opus of game development was within this very game. Even after 19 years, that game is still extremely enjoyable to this day. Dark Sniper would love to see stages like New York: The Big Leap and Antarctica remade in stunning 1080p graphics utilizing the power of the PlayStation®4.

If Sony needs some more titles to #buildthelist with, Twisted Metal 2 Remake should be high on that list in Dark Sniper's opinion.


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