PlayStation 4 tops console and software sales in July

The PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in July in the United States, according to NPD data that Sony shared with GamesBeat.

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Kayant1626d ago

Is the Cycle complete yet...?

MightyNoX1626d ago ShowReplies(16)
ocelot071626d ago

@ABizzel1 I almost agree with your list. But for November I honestly don't think it will be close at all. There will be no doubt a Star Wars and COD PS4 bundle. If there is I can see the PS4 coming top in November.

Also October I agree about is being very close. The way I look at is. A lot of 360 only players last gen who jumped to PS4 this gen. This is going to be there first taste of Uncharted there going to get.

But even though I don't like Halo. I can't deny the fanbase it has. So I honestly can't call October. However Sony also has Tales of Zestiria as another exclusive that month. I personally don't like JRPG's all that much. But I know these type of games also have a big fan base.

Maddens Raiders1625d ago

Keep it up Sony. Today's music is nowhere as good as the 90's but your current dominance makes it feel like it's the 90's. Rock on.

Fishermenofwar1626d ago

Why did I read that in Emperor Palpatines voice...LMAO!!!

REDDURT1626d ago

Backwards compatibility didnt move consoles who would have thought ?

showtimefolks1625d ago

congrats Sony

august is a toss up but if anything I say ps4 has the upper hand. no I don't have any inside info just looking at the history of past months

I don't see ps4 loosing September with mgs5 and taken king bundle

October could be very interning with halo 5 but I still see it as a close Month but Xbox one takes October. uncharted collection will do quite well. I wouldn't be surprised if uncharted collection sells more than tomb raider

than Sony may do a assassin creed syndicate bundle but I don't know if they have in the past for AC series.

November should be an easy ps4 month with both star wars and call of duty being exclusively advertised for ps4. and both will very likely be bundled with ps4 console. especially star wars, I think sales wise it will do very well

December I am not sure, Hitman is exclusively associated with ps4 advertisement wise so what knows

bottom line is quite simple with all the touting about Xbox one exclusives will those really make a huge difference. I love studying sales data especially for games. halo 3 was the peak for halo franchise, since than no halo game had come close to selling as well

and how many of halo fans already bought an Xbox one

Sony has reported that ps4 is expected to surpass 36.3 million sales by March 31st 2016. and in 2016 Sony has some really really heavy hitters

uncharted 4
the last guardian

rumors have it that a new GT game will be announced at either tgs or Playstation event. plus what else will Sony show at playstation event this year? could we possibly see a trailer for god of war 4? it was confirmed last year at playstation event

also rumor has it Sony will announce a Ps4 exclusive from R*. could this be agent? I don't care about the exclusive part I just want a new game from R*. to be honest with you I really want the next RDR

does ms have the exclusive marketing for fallout 4 along with 30 days early dlc? I don't remember eating anything about it

I really hope fallout 4 is making an impact on all platforms at the same time without having to sign any sort of exclusive marketing or dlc deal

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midnightambler1626d ago

There's a lot of talk about the PS4's weak line up atm, but I've just bought Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and I've got Until Dawn pre-ordered. Looking fine to me.

psychobabble1626d ago

Rocket League was a nice surprise this last month too. Simple game, but so much fun.

CBforeva1626d ago

OMG that game is just seriously so addictive... I love it.

Genuine-User1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

For a game to be considered good, it must have a AAA budget.


uth111626d ago

I know you are sarcastic but it's sad so many believe that.

Rocket League reminds me of what the industry has lost over the years due to the AAA mentality

iSuperSaiyanGod1626d ago

Play station would still be king w no line up & 3rd party's only lol

TomatoDragon1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I usually only see that from trolls. Don't know how it's a weak lineup. There's more stuff coming than I can actually get to this year.

Spotie1626d ago

It's weak because only AAA first party Xbox games released from October to December count as games 100% of the time. Everything else is conditional, based on the argument being made at that time.

Strikepackage Bravo1626d ago

No, it's weak because I can get half those games on my IPhone...

fr0sty1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Put your money where your mouth is, let's see a list of those "half" you can buy for your overhyped, overpriced phone.

DialgaMarine1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

135 PS4 exclusives vs 53 XBone exclusives. This list includes all exclusives that have released and are confirmed to be releasing. Considering Sony has 3 more conferences for the rest of the year, while MS has nothing until next year, it's safe to say that PS4's list will only grow from here on out, while XBone's list will stay about the same. I will say, there is Halo Wars 2 missing from the XBone list, but that doesn't change PS4's almost 3:1 lead in games.

At no point has XBone had "more games", nor will it ever. That's just a bullshit hype statement that MS comes up with, and people buy into it without doing any real research. The proof is in the pudding. Xbox fans can pretend these games don't exist because they don't personally want to play them, but the reality is otherwise.

Ocsta1626d ago

Worst of all, if you're a pc gamer with a Ps4, you can still play Halo Wars and a bunch of other Xbox "exclusives"!

Kiwi661626d ago

Funny thing after looking at the list i noticed Bastion which is a 4 year old game and was on the xbox360 so wouldn't it technially be a multiplat

andibandit1626d ago

I just wish the PS4 had more FPS/TPS shooters exclusives.

DialgaMarine1625d ago

@MrKrispy It's listing 8th gen platforms only. Even if the game is on PS3 or 360 as well, it's still exclusive to that 8th gen if it's available on that/ PC.

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Bewareofsasquatchh1625d ago

Yeah the ps4 line up is so weak that it makes indie games and qte games look more appealing

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raggy-rocket1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Congrats again Sony. More software sales than all others combined. Killing it this gen! Leave some for Xbox too!

Magicite1626d ago

Its very impressive feat, considering that all other install bases combined are much larger.

JeffGrubb1626d ago

That Batman bundle really made the difference.

Thatguy-3101626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

The last of us bundle is still selling as well. This past week I wanted to buy a batman bundle for my nephew at best buy and they were out of stock. Had to order it online instead. I'm still surprised on how it's selling without even a price drop and "lack of games".

SourtreeDing1626d ago

lack of games? lol i really dont understand why ppl say this... PS4 has all the games buddy..

exclusive wise PS4 will pick it up in a couple months.. it was the same way for PS3 then many games followed

wenaldy1626d ago

Bundle is not included in NPD data.

dc11626d ago

It's the software included in the bundle that is not counted as part of NDA. The consoles are absolutely folded in.

GribbleGrunger1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

So you think a bundle with a game is effectively invisible to NPD? Did you know that bundles made up 90% of sales in July? It's the GAME that isn't counted, not the console.

wenaldy1626d ago

You guys are right, just my bad wording.

PSIN4MANT1626d ago

And there is a Destiny and MGS bundle on deck..

uth111626d ago

Hopefully Star Wars too

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