Is it Time to be Concerned About Final Fantasy XV?

Square Enix has big plans for Final Fantasy XV, but what's been shown so far is lackluster at best.

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FallenAngel19841624d ago

I'd be more concerned of how long it takes Square Enix to develop HD installments in their major franchises. FFXIII and FFXIV took 5 years to develop and FFXV is taking 10 years to develop. Imagine how long it'll take FFXVI to be created. Not to mention the long wait for KH3 and the FFVII remake. I hope that FFXII HD doesn't take as long to make as FFX/X-2 did since its only one game this time.

It seems that its only non-FF titles like Dragon Quest XI and Star Ocean 5 that take up a relatively quick development time.

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FallenAngel19841623d ago

I really don't see Final Fantasy reverting back to turn-based combat after FFXI, FFXII, FFXII, FFXIV, and FFXV made the series more action focused. FFXVI will most definitely follow suit of its these games. Turn based gameplay will stick to since projects.

Plus there's info that indicates that Hiroyuki Ito is directing FFXVI. Since he's the one who is in charge of evolving the combat system of the series I'm pretty certain he'll go for yet another new type of battle system to keep things fresh.

Outside_ofthe_Box1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I'm still gonna get FFXV, but I'm just not as excited about it as I was back when it was Versus13.

A lot of features got removed that were suppose bring FF back to it's roots such as the ability to use multiple characters and airship just to name a few.

Ever since Nomura handed the project over I've been concerned. Good thing the FFVII remake is coming.

HiddenMission1623d ago

I wouldn't worry if I were you. Duscea 2.0 was amazing.

Airships will either come at launch or with a DLC. I'm not too bothered by not being able to switch characters since Noctis is my favorite.

From everything I've read, seen and played this will be not just a return to the old but a huge leap forward for the IP.

Have faith.

F0XHOUND1623d ago

You dont need to switch characters, minus their faces, they're all relatively identical. Unless you can change their clothes, which I really hope you can!

DiscoKid1623d ago

Pretty much the vibe I get. I'll still try it out.

Irishguy951623d ago

From the demo its the opposite. If you're skilled enough that is/

Chaosdreams1623d ago

I was concerned for 9 years.

I'm not worrying about it anymore. Whatever I get, I get.

Noctis already sketched a place in my heart, hell, I cosplayed as him.

The game will be good. Will it be what we all expected? I doubt it. But it will be good.

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