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Submerged is a flawed exploration game that relies too heavily on boring climbing mechanics and stiff animations, but its top-notch atmospheric setting and soothing, relaxing soundtrack might be enough to guarantee at least a foray into its flooded canals.

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Maple221624d ago

A good soundtrack always helps, maybe it isn't quite enough for this game though

MrsNesbitt1624d ago

A boring exploration that relies on too much heavily on climbing? Hmmmm, shame. Nicely reviewed though!

hamshira1624d ago

Damn, was really hoping for more interesting exploration games in general. Looks pretty though

Yukes1624d ago

Sounds like a good candidate for the PS Plus IGC - play for a few hours, enjoy the soundtrack and then move on :)

NinjaNick1623d ago

Whatever happened to sony insisting that games be at least at 70 on metacritic for them to come to ps+? Seems like this gen it doesn't matter..

Flatty931624d ago

Oh, that's a shame. This game looked like it might be pretty interesting. Good review!

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