Super Meat Boy Style Punishment Awaits in 'Bob Was Hungry', Releasing Aug 19

Lots of games claim to be punishing platformers but very few succeed in their follow through. Shorebound Studios look to back up their claim in this love letter to ear steaming rage quits!

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generalwinter1629d ago

These games are too hard for me I think

GrapesOfRaf1629d ago

You die a lot. Maybe even 50-100 times on one level. But when you finally make it, it just feels so good...

GrapesOfRaf1629d ago

The multiplayer aspect of this is what really gets me. I bet it's incredibly fun to start a lobby with 8 people and then watch the numbers slowly dwindle as some inevitably meet their fate before crossing the finish line.

Timesplitter141629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Not sure what to think of this type of game in 3D. Seems like you're losing a lot of precision and 'tightness' due to perspective distortion and detail level, and it doesn't even necessarily look better than a colorful 2D game