Red Dead Revenge Would be a Great Sequel to Red Dead Redemption

TTZ: One game worth waiting for is the sequel for is Red Dead Redemption. Fans have been waiting to see what Rockstar Games has in store for Jack Marston, son of slain hero John Marston. That being said, Red Dead Revenge sounds like a great name for the sequel, whenever it releases.

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warrior821628d ago

hypothetically speaking...great name...and revenge story will really suit the continuity. I hope the red eye shooting comes back and is refined. interesting points, and the original left so much open that we can have a really kickass sequel.

xHeavYx1628d ago

SPOILERS ABOUT THE END OF THE GAME (even though if someone hasn't played it yet, they deserve to get spoiled...)
Didn't the kid get his revenge though? At the end of the game?

Hellsvacancy1628d ago

I was thinking the same thing

SeanScythe1628d ago

Yeah you take over at the end playing as the son and hunt down the ones that killed your dad.

brish1628d ago

NO SPOILER (response to spoiler message)

Personally I would like a prequel where you get to play as the main protagonist in Red Dead Redemption.

I think the events that lead up to Red Dead Redemption would be more of an action orientated game which would be a lot of fun.

Omnisonne1628d ago


Or playing a combination of both timelines, John Marston's young gang days alongside a (now) slightly older Jack Marston who's showing signs of falling in the same outlaw lifestyle as dear ol' dad, due to the misfortune upon their family.

There's definitely a lot of room to different approaches for R*, hope they make good use of it

LastNewtStandin1627d ago

Yeah he kinda ended the story, I'd like to play a different story or more of the beginnings of Marstons career as a bandit.

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-Foxtrot1628d ago

Revenge Story....Yes

Jack as the main character....God no

I would love to see it based on Bonnie Mcfarlene, at the end of the game you overhear people saying she's married

What if something happens like in The Outlaw Josey Wales and some people kill her family making her go on a quest for revenge.

jb2271628d ago

I could not handle a full game hearing his annoying voice shouting "work yer damned legs!" every 5 minutes while on horseback. How did a kid w/ such a badass dad turn into such an annoying little sh*t?

Playing as Bonnie could be cool but I'd personally like it better if she was one of 3 playable characters a la GTAV because it would take a pretty big stretch to buy her as a murdering outlaw when she was more of a tough farmer type of lady. Also I'd personally rather them work backwards in time as RDR was meant to be right at the tail end of the Old West days and any further in the future would put you into danger of hitting the industrialization era which would lose some of that wild west flavor.

-Foxtrot1628d ago

She could always have a new voice actresses as she would be older

Plus I hope they stick to one character

crusf1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Why would there be a need for revenge when Jack already avenged his


father's death at the end of the game by killing Edgar Ross?

raWfodog1628d ago

Maybe Jack could have a family of his own and one or more of them gets killed by some outlaws who you have to hunt down throughout the game, finally squaring off against the leader in an epic shoot-out. Damn, that sounds good :)

Repjaws1628d ago

This is my favorite open world game ever.I know there have been open world games with a far more detailed world but its just something about RDRs world that gets me every time I pop that CD in.

The_KELRaTH1628d ago

While Id love to see a sequel Id be happy if they just uprated the graphics and slapped it on PS4/X1/PC :)

EinRobot1628d ago

You want a cookie or something?

Rimeskeem1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Actually, i would love one.

I like the name.

Nolando1628d ago

RDR was an amazing game from start to end. If they make another one it has a lot to live up to.

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The story is too old to be commented.