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Dealspwn: "This alternate timeline in the Sword Art Online universe is reserved for only the most hardcore of fans. Poor frame rates in the social hub, curious customised character restrictions, and a lack of narrative focus will get to players over time thanks to repetitive content. A true lack of visual improvements makes the Vita-to-PS4 transition ultimately appear underwhelming, but those desperate for more adventures with Kirito no doubt enjoy running around the colourful world of Aincrad – so long as they employ patience while getting to grips with the combat system."

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ColManischewitz1629d ago

I gave this a whirl a few days ago because -- we're pretty RPG-starved these days on consoles! -- and boy, the combat is not fun.

TheImprobableMulk1629d ago

I found the combat grew on me eventually, but I can understand your viewpoint. It absolutely rubbed me the wrong way to begin with, to the point that I nearly gave up entirely very early on in the game.

ColManischewitz1629d ago

It caught me by surprise. Maybe it will grow on me as well?