Dark Souls II Gave Me Faith in Video Games Again

EB: After getting a feel for the game, I found myself succeeding more often than I was dying. Granted, I was tip-toeing through parts of the early game and doing my best to power-level my character for fear of getting destroyed by a boss, but still, I was making progress.

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GrapesOfRaf1620d ago

I think the reason dying doesn't usually stop people from finishing anything in the Souls series is because it's generally your fault. The games give you every tool you need to get better and complete them, so when you lose to a boss it's probably because you weren't paying attention or didn't know how to defend against it. So in beating it, you get a great sense of satisfaction.

Veneno1620d ago

Interesting story seeing as this game is seen as a disappointment from many fans. I found it to be a worthy entry.

pivotplease1620d ago

Apparently the remaster was worthy as well. It did well critically and seemed to improve on the game moreso than alot of the cash grab remasters out there. It is sad that they didn't remaster both dark souls games though.

Ocsta1620d ago

Don't know why this game is considered inferior to the first one, I've finished them all and this was my favourite.

DragonKnight1620d ago

What? Really? Dark Souls 2 is terribly underwhelming. I guess being the easiest entry in the series is probably the only redeeming quality for people who otherwise think the Souls series is too hard.

I'm just glad Miyazaki is actively involved in Dark Souls 3 so hopefully it won't be a fan service game with a weak story, poor level design, uninteresting enemy designs and a marginal improvement to combat.

The Sword Arts mechanic is already looking awesome, especially with the Legion Scimitar.