Jade Raymond Talks About Her Work On Star Wars, Her New Studio, And Hardline's Future

A month ago, EA announced that it was giving former Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond a new home in Montréal. Co-located with the BioWare team working on Mass Effect Andromeda, a new studio named Motive was founded to work on its own new IP and play a major role with Visceral's Star Wars project.

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SaveFerris1619d ago

Good interview. Her experience in the games industry will be valuable for those projects.

Perjoss1619d ago

An interview with a lead designer or anyone else that actually works directly on the game would have been far more interesting.

cell9891619d ago

She's still as hot as ever

AstroCyborg1619d ago

shes nothing but ea
's puppet now

cleft51618d ago

As oppose to what? She was Ubisoft's puppet before. Maybe she is talented and intelligent, but the rate at which she rose up in Ubisoft had nothing to do with her talent. She got the spotlight because she was a pretty face. It was her decision to except that spotlight, so you cant blame Ubisoft and say they exploited her in anyway. Ubisoft cashed in on her looks and so did she.

I am not saying she isnt talented, but there are a hell of a lot more talented people in the industry as well. She stood out because of her looks and now she is put in a position were she is going to be one company's puppet after another. The reality is, that the people she is working with know that. So I bet she doesnt get the respect that she should have considering her position.

This isnt about her being a woman. This is about her exploiting an advantage that had nothing to do with skill to get ahead of everyone else. Be it a man or a woman, when you do something like that the people working around and with you know it.

generalwinter1619d ago

I wish she'd return my calls!

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