Nintendo Fires Employee For Speaking On Podcast

Kotaku: "Nintendo localization editor Chris Pranger made an appearance on a small podcast called Part-Time Gamers. This week, Nintendo fired him."

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Neonridr1628d ago

sad story, but I guess when you work for a company like Nintendo you should know better.

Here's hoping he lands on his feet elsewhere..

wonderfulmonkeyman1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The guy misrepresented Nintendo on their stance for localization of titles like Xenoblade, and he got fired for that.
That kind of misrepresentation of your company's stance, on a public channel like a podcast, can put your job at risk pretty much anywhere.

@ ck1
Fair point, edited.

Ck1x1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Neonridr is far from anti Nintendo, just check his post history. I think what he said was just misinterpreted, but yeah companies that have strict PR policies in place. This will most likely always be the outcome, due to sensitivity of information is important to how they conduct business. But then again when you are an employee of any company you should definitely understand the rules and regulations that you agreed to upon being hired.

jebabcock1627d ago

Poor nintendo...
Honestly, i think nintendo made a poor move. Seriously all of about 100 people probably even knew about the interview. Firing the guy drew probably hundreds of millions of people to this. Most won't see nintendo in a favorable light either way, despite what the nintendo faithful say on here.

Just release a press statement reaffirming the commitment to localization and that would have resolved the issue cleanly. If the guy really did deserve to be fired(i doubt anyone commenting here has the whole story or ever will)... wait 6 months or so until things die down or demote the guy to the point he willingly quits. Nintendo didn't think this one through at all...They deserve the bad press.

Teapot1627d ago

That headline is misleading.

From what I've read about this story, he basically said the NA market wasn't work localizing games like Xenoblade.

When you're job is in localization and you go on record saying that localization to a huge market isn't worth the effort, you pretty much don't deserve to work in localization.

_-EDMIX-_1627d ago

"wasn't work localizing" ok, worth, I assumed you meant that.

I agree. Its not his job to question its worth, his job is to localize it, not question its existence. Nintendo is trying to build their IPs in the west and east and feel clearly its worth bring over. I feel their teams need to not localized after the fact, but during the same process as when the game is being developed, but thats just my 2 cents. Might be harder, but what do I know about such a thing lol.

Some are sorry for him, but I can't really understand how one doesn't actually know not to do this. I didn't even post junk about Home Depot when I was working their for years and years, I legit never even slightly stated anything about work on my Facebook, twitter etc. The reality is, when you work for a company, believe it or not, your still part of them on or off the clock, your represent them when you do certain things publicly.

Not sure how on earth he just didn't know that. Sucks but I'm not even a little sorry for him, you get a dream job at Nintendo doing something many would kill to do.....yet act reckless with it and throw the company under the bus? I mean...I don't care for Nintendo many, many times as you guys already know, but if they gave me a job, I have no right to just mouth off on them.

Don't like it? Quit...leave, find another job etc, they are not forcing you to work there and clearly you agree to not speak about such things when you sign on the dotted line.

Many might try to bash Nintendo for this move, but I agree with them on this call...this is business.

Teapot1627d ago

My bad, I reworded my comment and I guess I didn't double check.

Agreed, I can't think of any good reason to feel sorry for him.

He basically wrote his own pink slip there.

There are much better ways to say what he said without costing him his job.

"I felt it was risky to localize this game."

"It is my opinion that the market isn't big enough for a project like this"

At the end of the day, if you can't talk like a businessman, don't talk about business to the public

JacketsNest1011627d ago


Thing is, he shouldn't even be talking about it in the first place. There's a reason companies tell you to never talk about work in any light in the public eye, because one little slip could cast them in a bad light and cost you your job.

Teapot1626d ago

Let's say for argument's sake he had cleared it beforehand with higher-ups that he was going to appear on this podcast.

Clearly, what he said would have gotten him in trouble either way.

1627d ago
mikel10151627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Glad more people are learning about the truth about what happened and why he was fired. Hate when people make accusations based off of ignorance.

MSBAUSTX1626d ago

But accusations based off of ignorance is our favorite past time. :-P lol

Sly-Lupin1627d ago

Or, rather, Nintendo fired an employee for breaching a contract and insulting consumers.

Shocking, I know.

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