Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide Expansion Now 10% Off on Steam Pre-Order

The Rising Tide is coming, and if you hurry, you can get it for a great deal

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GrapesOfRaf1792d ago

I'm actually very impressed by this. Normally the expansions for Civ are worth it because they change the games so drastically, but I hate paying so much for few additions or changes. This all sounds huge though: floating cities, artifacts, new diplomatic options and more. I guess this is them making up for how bad the BE launch was...

Digital_Anomaly1792d ago

I'm too lazy to Google (god, that is seriously lazy), what was the launch snafu?

GrapesOfRaf1792d ago

Multiplayer was pretty broken and people had trouble playing together. There were a ton of crash reports. Many were also upset because for the original $50 price tag, it felt incomplete.

generalwinter1792d ago

I love Civ 5 but I found Beyond Earth was disappointing - just Civ 5 with names changed and fewer features. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance though.