Why Disney Infinity 3.0 Features Alone Make It A Must Buy

Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows of AntDaGamer(Blog) & EGMNow writes "These new feature sets, I can tell you will make Disney Infinity a bigger gem than it already is. This opinion comes from a father who plays & his kids that are excited to be farming, listening to live music and more."

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pivotplease1619d ago

I've heard this Disney Infinity stuff wrecks your wallet if you get really into it. I know someone that spent hundreds of dollars on it. Doesn't sound worth buying ever if it relies so heavily on extras to get the complete experience.

DualWielding1619d ago

agree, I would be interested if this was a game I could buy for $60.00 and get all the content, but I'm not gonna spend $200+ on toys (I'm not really into collecting stuff) in order to get content equivalent to that of a typical retail game

spaceg0st1619d ago

How anyone went along with a "pay per character" model is beyond me.

Juiceid1619d ago

I for one, was anti infinity for a long time. If Disney wants to pay me to create levels for them so be it. However, now that some actually decent single player content is coming...specifically Rise Against the Empire...I'm getting into it, but only on a 'as needed' basis. All the above comments are accurate too. It's a money pit if you let it be. For us with kids, it's like buying any other toy though.

reallyNow1618d ago

How old do your kids have to be to enjoy this?

Juiceid1614d ago

Any age to be able to hold a controller to have fun. To really get into it, I'd say 6.

jznrpg1618d ago

My daughter would love this but every time she sees it I let her know that it is a money sink and she would get nothing else and it quickly looks less desirable to her.

GNCFLYER1618d ago

Disney Infiniti starter pack $75
Each additional character $14

Spending playing this with your kids = priceless.

Yep I spent lots of money on this since the first one but in my case it was worth it..