New Xbox One Exclusive Solus Project Trailer Looks Stunning

Watch 8 minutes of ninterrupted gameplay with dynamic weather, survival elements and puzzles, from the upcoming survival title

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ziggurcat1630d ago

yeah, this looks to be a really interesting experience!

raWfodog1630d ago

Yes, this has grabbed my attention as well. This is my first time viewing this gameplay (or even really hearing about this game). I definitely like these types of games.

Septic1630d ago

Yeah i wanted to see more at the end. The voice acting is terrible though

XBLSkull1630d ago

Yeah this short demo looked more intriguing than all the footage of No Man's Sky to date. Reminded me of that game, but with better graphics, and a purpose.

Nolando1629d ago


I agree, I prefer sandbox games with a point to them. not just, well... here ya go fly around and do your own thing.

this looks really interesting.

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cleft51630d ago

I like what I saw for the most part, my only complaint for be the way markers. Having a way marker in an exploration game takes away from the mystery of the world in a big way. Getting lost isnt always a bad thing. I hope the full game doesnt have the way marker or at least has the option to turn it off.

AngelicIceDiamond1630d ago

I'm not feelin the voice acting at all but everything else looks fine.

I wanna see Day Z's new Ip Ion next.

FlameBaitGod1630d ago

yeah LOL, its like they had the game play but not the voices ready. Like you said, apart from that everything else look good

user99502791629d ago

Looks great. With ARK coming to Xbox Preview this winter, tons of great survival games on the way.

Bigpappy1629d ago

Would be nice if Mass Effect has that level of exploration and item gathering.

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Fin_The_Human1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

This game might be a sleeper hit...its got that Fall Out feel and look to it but in a futuristic setting.

Hope they work on the compass just seems to stiff and not natural when he moves.

generalwinter1630d ago

I would definitely play this

Mkai281630d ago

Stranded on a strange planet, I like. Stunning? Those textures could be better..

masterfox1630d ago

Good to see new IP is being created besides CODs, Fallouts, halos, AC, also the xbone is sure on fire lots of games are coming for this console this year and next something that MS is rare on from its past history

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The story is too old to be commented.