New PS4 screens for Sword Art Online: Lost Song show off RPG elements and dungeon exploration

New screens of Sword Art Online: Lost Song on PS4 show off the RPG elements and dungeon exploration of the upcoming game.

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rdgneoz31617d ago

Same here. Loving Hollow Fragment at the moment (free when you preorder Lost Song through PSN), but the visual difference is just night and day. Watched some Japanese vita footage of it and it looks fun.

IamTylerDurden11617d ago

That's awesome that u get Hollow Fragment on PS4 free when u preorder Lost Song.

Thatguy-3101617d ago

FFXIV reminded me of this show. Would have loved if this game had the same polish that FFXIV has at the moment.

xfiles20991617d ago

Me to this game is looking amazing. This and Persona 5 is my most anticipated JRPGs this year. I hope Persona 5 still releases this year.

slappy5081617d ago

Looks decent!
Tell me would anyone reccomend the Sword Art Online game that just came out on ps4, as someone who likes JRPGS but havent watched the series. The reviews are here and there so its hard to guage

sactownlawyer9161617d ago

If you like jrpg get it imo. Its very fun and has a ton of content for only $20.

slappy5081617d ago

Thanks bud, yeah $20 is a good price may as well get it then. It's only digital eh?

IamTylerDurden11617d ago

Lost Song looks really good, also Tales of Zestiria, 2 Dragon Quest games, Persona 5 and more coming soon. Future - FFVII remake, A World of FF, Nier 2. So many PS4 exclusive/console exclusive rpgs coming to PS4.