Essential Metal Gear games to play before Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Game Idealist's list of essential (and non-essential) Metal Gear games to play before the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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ArchangelMike1618d ago

Good recommendations. MGS3 is definately a good place to start, if you are new to the series. But with just over 2 weeks bfore MGSV drops, I'd say go straight in with Peace Walker. Failing that, then you're really only left with Ground Zeroes.

WildArmed1618d ago


MGS3 -> PW -> GZ -> MGSV

MGS:PW is highly recommended before going into MGSV.. I assume they'll do a recap (or have alrady included) MGS:GZ in the full MGSV retail copy.

If I had to pick one game, it'd be MGS:PW. A lot of the characters are introduced and fleshed out in there that are present in MGSV

imtheman20131618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Never actually played Peace Walker because I didn't own it on PSP. Got it on my Vita but the level design just felt so fragmented and, well... portable. That's not to say I don't enjoy the story of Peace Walker; I've watched it all the way through multiple times by people who live stream the entire MGS saga. It really is a crucial game to understanding the story of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.

aaron58291618d ago

i thoroughly enjoyed PW. I played it on ps3 though

WildArmed1618d ago

I'm glad they did a HD remaster for peace walker.

It definitely was one of the core MGS games they've released and deserves a console release.

Peace walker was really fun, esp building up mother base (which I think maybe returning in MGSV)

TheFirstClassic1618d ago

PW was the best mgs in terms of gameplay imo. Incredibly fun to play, building mother base was engrossing, and the co op was some of the best I have experienced.

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sactownlawyer9161618d ago

My plan is to play through gz again the week before it drops just to brush up on the controls.

WildArmed1618d ago

Not a bad idea, I actually did my MGSGZ 2nd run about a week ago... but now think I'll play it again a few days before launch!

frankiebeans1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

i bought a used ps3 and the legacy collection 2 weeks ago just to replay all the mgs games again I beat 1 2 4 I am on 3 and i may do peace walker. i played 4 first because i had it and the collection was still on its way in the mail. the mgs games are my favorite games ever and its a shame this will more than likely be the last because of konami.

the mgs legacy collection is only 30 bucks on amazon and its worth every penny.

LordMaim1617d ago

Gah! Don't start with the ending of the story!

ssj3goku871618d ago

you can watch them all on this MGS channel that streams them 24/7

higgins781618d ago

None of the previous MGS's are necessary. Play Ground Zeroes if you choose, but this (Phantom Pain) will be like all other MGS's, a stand alone game unconcerned with previous incarnations. EPIC looking game, but DON'T support Konami by buying it.

sactownlawyer9161618d ago

Already preordered with no remorse. Do you know how much konami is worth your $60 is less than insignificant to them. They could literally give away a 100k copies and not miss a beat. Do I like konami? No. But my love for mgs is more than my dislike for konami.

higgins781618d ago

It's a matter of principal's - ever heard of them?

ArchangelMike1618d ago

Ofcourse you can play any of the Metal Gear games without play the previous iterations. But knowing how convoluted the story can be, it just adds to the sense of continuity for the characters and story if you know what has gone before.

MGSV is a direct sequel to Peace Walker, Heck stroywise Ground Zeroes starts immediately after Peace Walker ends, and MGSV is a direct continuation.

I get your point though of not supporting Konami, that is why MGSV will be the last Konami game that I ever buy. I but it to support and appreciate Kojima's hard work.

Ratty1618d ago

I don't think it's convoluted at all. I've played all of them several times and while it's somewhat complex, it's nowhere near convoluted IMO. There are things that they're vague about but that's just the way I like it.

And I think they made GZ as a bridge between the two so TPP wouldn't need to depend on PW and so it could stand on its own. It looks to me like they wrapped up PW's story with GZ and opened the way to TPP nicely. I don't think they'll show much of PW in TPP. I haven't watched some of the most recent trailers though or read any articles in a while for fear of being spoiled so maybe I'm totally wrong xD

2pacalypsenow1618d ago

what?? you have t play at least from MGS 3 since its the backstory and the reason why Big Boss becomes the enemy and it ties with the Solid Snake saga.

And none of the MGS games are standalone they are all connected and continue the Story of Solid Snake and Big Boss .

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