Nintendo’s NX Dilemma

"Nintendo has a decision to make.

The NX is on the way, and right now, we don’t know anything about it. There is plenty I think we’d all like to learn, but perhaps the part of the NX that is most fascinating to me is which direction Nintendo heads from here. See, Nintendo has two choices: they can continue on the path they’re on now, and take a risk on a crazy new idea; or they can try something a little safer, but lose part of what makes Nintendo Nintendo in the process."

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FallenAngel19841621d ago

The real issue for Nintendo's future consoles is that they will always be behind a generation in terms of power compared to the competition. This will severely limit the amount of third party support and overall competitive nature compared to the next gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Anything Nintendo creates can be adapted and vastly improved upon relatively quickly in the modern era by its competitors. Not to mention the same competition will be furthering the industry with their own contributions that would be impossible for Nintendo to adapt to in that paryicar generation because they'd be behind in specs. This really would put them at a disadvantage because core gamers would be less likely to purchase a Nintendo console that doesn't give them the full experience of what Sony and Microsoft could offer them.

RPGrinder1621d ago

Power does not matter. It has never mattered. Stop talking like you know core gamers

ChronoJoe1621d ago

It does matter because it influences the viability of multiplatform ports, both in regards to the sheer difficulty to port a game over, and the expense.

The core gamers have always gravitated towards the consoles with strong third party support, so that lack of multiplatform viability has an impact on the systems appeal.

freshslicepizza1621d ago

nintendo is in a very bad position right now as far as third party support goes. they either make a system comparable to the ps4 to get the same games which in by itself doesn't make the system any more attractive. unless they make it more powerful but nintendo won't because they don't want to outprice themselves. they are likely looking at a $299 launch.

the other choice is to continue doing something different. but why would third party make games that are unique to nintendo systems? they won't unless the new system sells very well. that takes time which is why nintendo is in a very poor position for third party support.

Sykoticz1621d ago


If its behind in power and in multiplats it will never sell like a playstation or a Xbox...."Fact".

And most of the core gamers will stick to what they know and what everyone knows so far is if they buy a wii u or anything but a 3ds they will only have a small amout of games to play and keep scraping till they next zelda or mario. Dont get me wrong i would have bought a Wii U but im not buying a console just to play 2-3 games if that.

They need to just step it up and look at what they can do.

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FallenAngel19841621d ago

Do you see Wii U doing horrible in sales? Did you see how Wii sales toom a nosedive later in its lifecycle? Did you not see how SNES eventually defeated the Genesis in the 16-bit war?

Power plays a huge role in console gaming. The next Nintendo console being a generation behind in power compared to its competitor is going to be a huge con. Its common sense.

N4g_null1621d ago

The game cube was more powerful than the ps2. The n64 was more powerful than the ps1. Even the dreamcast was more powerful and had better networking. The vita and psp where both more powerful than the ds and 3ds. All of those systems lost.

You are parroting. People are not buying the ps4 because it is more powerful. They are buying it because 3rd parties are bring all of their games to it. Even when pc are more powerful and steam has fixed the hacking and stealing problem. 3rd parties choose to support the ps4 simple because of parrots like your self and blind faith that the ps4 would get all of these games.

The 3rd parties gimp and simply don't support the other systems and pc simply because sony let's you do what ever you want. If your game is broken then you can still release it. There is a long line up of AAA games that have done just that.

Sure a more powerful nintendo console would be cool. Yet a system that supports any form factor just like what iwata wanted would be the better move. A system that even encompasses pc would be very cool on a software gaming os or virtual platform.

If the nx ends up being like the steam platform or android then suddenly there are no more excuses for you to parrot or naively believe.

_-EDMIX-_1621d ago

Agreed. Power is why FFVII was on PS1 and not N64. The reality is, key features matter. If someone is able to do something that they can't on another,they will seek the platform that they are able to convey the game want to make. Period.

Just like what Rocksteady stated, Wii U didn't have the hardware to do what they wanted with Batman.

Nintendo needs to get in the know with what developers actually want and need. At the end of the day, developers are tired of trying to figure out Nintendo's puzzle hardware and weak setup with workarounds. That is NOT their job, if Nintendo made inferior hardware, the deserve inferior games.

Sooooo happy they are not market leader because that crap they pulled with N64's media format was not going to fly for gens and gens.

It took them losing to understand they needed a new media format....sooooooo how many gens was Nintendo going to gimp for the whole industry before they realized maybe they need to change?

The lost support because they act as if developers only have THEM to go to, Sony beating them ever gen and MS entering the market is what is cause Nintendo to really understand they must cater to developers.

Those days of JUST having Sega or them is over, they really need to get over that realize those developers that left can convey their concepts without a Nintendo platform, they either can join them or be against them.

I assure you...Bethesda is not losing sleep over not bringing their titles to Wii U, they are not running failing console right now. Wii U is on its way to sell worse then Gamecube which is a shocker.

N4g_null1621d ago

Emdix... cd roms are not power. They let development teams play movies better rather than games and everyone fell for it. Carts still loaded faster. Yet this is the real reason why sony had the upper hand, cd simply cost less and publishers are cheap. It really was that simple.

I mean come on carts are still used on the 3ds.... why because they are actually better but cost more. Thanks for tech advancing they are cheaper. Yet there the 3ds is. Market leader and the vita languishing with those little disk that no one is making games with.

You see publishers will tell you anything and you will believe it simple because you don't have the facts. The ps did have better Middleware simply because that is where everyone went to make their money. All publishers knew gamers wanted a DVD player. We also knew gamers wanted a better ps3 which is the ps4. Just look at the sales of all of the remasters. Some of us are just waiting on the sequel or remakes we want.

Also sony is the sales leader. The market leader is not choose yet simply because so far they haven't really made an impact of gaming that sets them apart. The are the twins of ms right now, with a false sense of power and good pr keeping them above others.

LAWSON721621d ago

'the vita languishing with those little disk that no one is making games with'

Vita uses cartridges just like 3ds...

UMD is trash, but it is quite common knowledge Vita does not use them.

Sureshot1621d ago


Bubbles for well said

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wonderfulmonkeyman1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

The power races are quickly reaching a point where the difference between consoles and PC's, and the graphics and stuff that can be offered, won't be as big between each other as they were during past generations.

The graphical returns, especially, are already shrinking at a noticeable clip.

Playstation and Xbox are going to likely be the first to hit this point where tech starts showing increasingly minimal improvements in the looks of their games.
Minimal enough that they can't be marketed as "the next big thing" like they have for the past two or three gens, this one included.

Even if Nintendo follows them suite and focuses purely on tech, in the end they'll hit that same limiting bottleneck as well.
And at that point, where consoles are basically just a different form of PC, and the power and graphics races become either too expensive to continue chasing for the average consumer, or show graphical differences between gens too minimal to emphasise, the industry will either crash, or be forced to start turning to new ways of playing the games, AKA, game pads, VR headsets, new gameplay concepts, etc.

This is all the more reason why Nintendo shouldn't ditch trying new ideas in favor of chasing solely graphics and power: out of all the big three, they're the ones best known for taking risks on new ideas, even if some of them don't always work out to become big sellers.
By continuing that course, they have a better chance of surviving into the farther future than if they only chased after specs.

Some modicum of improvement, at least up to par with others, is expected at some point of course.
But they'd be foolish to do nothing but chase after specs forever.

jmc88881621d ago

Huh? 4k? 8k? 16k? Holographic? VR?

There's TONS of ways to suck up WAAAYY more power.

They aren't going to chase specs forever... but it'd be nice if they did that for ONCE and catch up with everyone else.

Hell they could EASILY surpass the PS4...EASILY. With uber PC's going north of 50 TFlops this year, with ~$600 cards still based on 28nm tech getting >8 TFlops of power.. They can easily leapfrog the PS4 and double..if not MORE then TRIPLE it.

Nintendo has the characters. They need to catch up with the rest of west's game devs.

Gamepads? No. They tried it.. didn't work. Remember, using one takes the Wii U's pathetic specs and basically halves it.

VR? Well VR is coming to the others, and they are concerned with the same stuff. But VR is going to be tough on consoles, and the graphics will have to be scaled back for VR games.

Gameplay concepts is something the WEST has been doing better then Nintendo. Nintendo would be wise to notice and copy some of these 'trends' now into their 2nd decade.

We finally got 'Splatoon'. But they could of given us a Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare... but with Nintendo characters. In fact, they STILL SHOULD!!!

They gave us ONE Mario RPG. How about another?

Nintendo has CHOSEN to only focus on certain genres, and not updated them very much, it's sad.

They used to be genre defining. Now that's completely opposite, and for the most part, stay in the same genre lanes they've been in for a long, long time.

wonderfulmonkeyman1621d ago

Again: it's becoming more expensive to do all of that, and for increasingly minimal returns, because human perception can only catch so much before the graphics all start looking the same.

I agree that Nintendo needs to catch up, but focusing too much on it is the same as ignoring the long-term bottleneck.

Gameplay concepts is something Nintendo still does quite well, and the Wii U's mistakes don't make the game pad something they should give up on.
They should improve it, not dump it.
Make it smaller and lighter without sacrificing screen space, bring in the buttons and readjust the grip space to make it more comfortable, and shrink the amount of power it takes to be used with the system.
It is already miles more capable than just a standard controller; with the right improvements, there wouldn't be any complaints with keeping it around.

And in case you hadn't noticed, there's still stuff like Dillion'Rolling Western, Code Name STEAM, Pushmo, Xenoblade, and quite a few others that stray from Nintendo's typical first party characters' stuff, to choose from on Nintendo's systems.
But if you really insist on pursuing that frame of mind, need I point out that the others aren't much different with their own first party offerings?
Shooters, sports, racers, and realistic story games with a smattering of decent RPG's?
No one seems to think it's bad that others follow those genres, but Nintendo's horrible for being mostly about action-adventures, platformers, and other niche games. That isn't a fair assessment.

FallenAngel19841621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@ scissor

GCN had more limiting storage capacity than PS2. Developers didn't like mini-discs in comparison to DVD. The Xbox being most powerful allowed it to outsell the GameCube by gaining more third party support and started the movement of integrating PC features into consoles.

N64 had a weaker storage medium than the PS1. This hardware limitation is what drove third party support away to Sony PlayStation and even the flopping SEGA Saturn because it chose cartridges over discs.

Dreamcast came gen after PS1, of course it'd be more powerful. Its main competition would be the more powerful PS2 which wiped the floor with it. Dreamcast's underpowered tech and dial-up networking would've put it at a severe disadvantage in the duration of the 6th gen.

I don't see why you're talking about handhelds when this discussion is about consoles. Consoles and handhelds are vastly different markets.

You are illiterate. I didn't say PS4 is selling best because its the most powerful, I said Nintendo's future consoles being a generation behind their competition in power will have a huge negative impact on their performance in the console market.

NX could only be a stopgap rather than legitimate competition. It'll have as much issues trying to thrive against PS4 and X1 as Wii U did when it was competing against PS3 and 360. NX could perform even worse than Wii U since its being positioned as more of a stop gap than a platform that will begin the 9th gen. Third parties will feel less motivated to port multiplats to NX because development costs will be much higher than they are now. Not many publishers are going to be willing to make that financial risk on a platform that hasn't proven to be a lucrative market for non-first party titles. Not to mention that Nintendo console sales have been on the downward trend since SNES with the sole exception of Wii.

So a lower install base, underpowered tech, and rising development costs will result in NX getting even less third party support than its predecessor. Fewer games would mean less buyers.

Ck1x1620d ago

The 360 & PS3 had install bases of 80 million plus each, so the NX facing the PS4 and XbOne isn't remotely the same situation. If anything this is Nintendo's best time to show that they can put out a impressive console in the face of competition. These other systems are still very new and currently selling to their core fan bases. Many people have not moved from the PS3&360 yet because of many different reasons, but by the time Sony and Microsoft are ready to give up on this generation all of these systems will be long in the tooth.

user89668281620d ago

Yet square enix is ready to put 2 games on it

Concertoine1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It isn't inherent that they'll be a gen behind. They can make a console as powerful as they want.

We dont know a damn thing about this console. It is way too early to say anything, especially that it'll do worse than the Wii U did. Nintendo isn't even trying anymore with that console, it's been two years since the last price drop.

stragomccloud1621d ago

Okay mister repeat the same hogwash that keeps getting repeated.

3-4-51621d ago

As long as NX is as powerful or more than the PS4 it will be good with 3rd party dev's.

They will have 6 years to make games for the NX and some obviously already have started now.

If it is announced in 2016 & released in 2017, then the games for it's initial launch would have already been started to be made by now.

* The Wii U controller was a HUGE part of the price.

Scale that back and ship in a Wii U pro controller type for cheaper and can put that money towards the graphics.

NX is going to be a nice addition to the gaming industry and nice hype boost for gamers everywhere.

I see mostly good things coming from the NX with maybe 1-2 complaints tops.

fatneal1621d ago

todays gaming flaw is not with nintendos approach but rather with developers. devs just dont have imaginations anymore. indie games do well and are usually homages to old school games in one way or another but whats present with indie games is the imagination. you can see and feel what gaming is all about when you play some indie games. you rarely get that feeling when you play AAA titles. sometimes the AAA titles feels like a chore to complete because the hype has wore off and the graphics dont look as shiny and new. nintendo is the only company actively trying do their own thing and push the industry forward through innovation. its met with resistance but its not justified. imo anybody who doesnt like the wiiU gamepad doesnt own one

we dont know what the NX is so we cant say for sure its gonna be behind but i agree that in 4 years it will be behind when sony and MS start hinting at their new console or video game innovation. i think the DeNa deal for mobile and an apple like system the connects all nintendo hardware together through one account is the way to go for them though. but again 3rd party devs will have to find a way to imagine games for NX whatever it is in order for it to have the strong presence nintendo is hoping for.

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Majin-vegeta1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It needs 5 good things.

1.Good hardware for devs
2.Good controller
3.Good online
4.Games that appeal to older fanbase.

superchiller1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Don't forget, no more gimmicks. The last two Nintendo consoles and the last two handhelds have all been based on gimmicks, time for this company to get back to focusing on games, like they used to at their peak.

Sylth011621d ago

What you call gimmicks, I call features that defined the system. A facet of the system that depends entirely on how you present it, and something you continually present in a poor fashion.

Are you seriously implying that Nintendo has not been focusing on games this gen? Their games are the only reason the Wii U has sold as much as it has, despite third parties abandoning the system to its fate after less than a year of poor ports. Focus your disdain on the Wii U's factual shortcomings, like its online presence, its relative power, or its internal hard drive. The games that reside on the Wii U are not one of them.

fatneal1621d ago

i think if it was on par the xb1 it would be fine. i just dont understand why devs need power. thats always bothers me when i hear gamers or devs say stuff like that.

Ck1x1620d ago

Publishers and the console manufacturers needed something to push people out of their old consoles and into the new ones. So talking about how powerful the hardware is and how pretty the games will be, makes consumers feel like they are getting more than their money's worth. Look how long the cell phone giants have been pushing this yearly upgrade your phone bs.

deadpools_n641621d ago

We need a better GameCube. In spirit at least. I can't continue trying to be positive about them if they pull another "wii" type console out of their ass. I know it had it's pluses but I still enjoyed the gamecube more. Even with the lunchbox handle and the GB advance add-on. I know the discs were a bit of a letdown but even still I don't think it "overly" hindered it. Now if we can get a true successor. Just a basic gaming machine without all the wasted or hurtful gimmicks. Just my opinion. I still have hope nintendo can do right by the gamers

jmc88881621d ago

Lose part of what is Nintendo? Nope. As long as you have their famous characters in games, it will be Nintendo.

You don't need gimmicks. If people want Nintendo to stay gimmicky, well get ready to see them go bye-bye hardware wise.

Nintendo needs to keep those characters and games... and get with the times and have some more traditional games. FPS/TPS... again Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare would be AWESOME with Nintendo characters... and that's something they could of done on Wii U... but they weren't thinking. Instead they went with Splatoon, which is good, but not enough.

Remember the more realistic looking Zelda prototype? Yes... games like that please.

But they need POWER, and they can EASILY make a cheap system (like PS4 price) that is 4-6 TFlops. EASY. EASY.

wonderfulmonkeyman1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

They've done a realistic Zelda.
It turned into Twilight Princess, the first Zelda to have many areas that were pointlessly huge just for the sake of horseback combat and travel distance.
I would rather see them expand upon Skyward Sword through an HD sequel, with less hand-holding and better side quests / imore item enhancement options, than go back to what would essentially be Twilight Princess again just for the sake of making Zelda look real.

Realism is overrated.

Similarly, a "Garden Warfare with Nintendo characters" would just be laughed at as a copy-paste, instead of a fresh new idea like Splatoon.

Power is second fiddle to gameplay and aesthetics.
Look at Fast Racing Neo, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade X, and you'll have all the proof you need that focusing on power is not always the best, let alone only, way to make games that both look and play great.

Power may be necessary to an extent, but lately it is being horribly over-emphasised.
Power is not what matters most.

Sylth011621d ago

A pox on the old and tired 'gimmick' argument, with a dash of Ninten-doom. I am tired of refuting it, so I'll just settle for my disagreement of all particulars.

I'd argue platformers, which the Wii U has in abundance, are more 'traditional' than FPS or TPS. I'd also argue they made the right decision to not include well-known characters in Splatoon. Players were calling for a new IP: they got it.

And, speaking as a die-hard Zelda fan, a realistic zelda would be great. But so would a cartoony, cell-shaded one. Or one from Skyward Sword's style. I don't play Zelda for the graphics, I play for the story and exploration.

I doubt it is nearly as easy as you present it. I see no facts to back up the difficulty of such an endeavor. The reader is instead presented with an effort to make a console company, with decades of experience in the field, appear incompetent by decrying how 'easy' it would be.

DougLord1621d ago

The best strategy would be to get WiiU to $99 for this coming Holiday season and to make NX according to the OLD rumors (4.6 tflop gpu) for a Holiday 2016 release.

Now we have these rumors of them replacing one low end system with another.

Sylth011621d ago

While I wish for a price drop myself, I do not see it dropping below $200. At that retail price point you may see a refurbished Wii U for $99.

I do not believe releasing the NX for holiday 2016 would be their best bet. It would stifle the rumors to some extent, sure, but it would also cut the Wii U off at 4 years of focused support. With the average Nintendo console lifespan being 6 or so years, coupled with their own announcement of full support even past the release of the NX, many Wii U owners would feel disillusioned in the company. I'd say an early release of the NX would be almost the worst thing the company could do.

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